Restating the obvious: adblocking declared legal · 4 days ago by Ben Williams

Today, after a four-month trial, a regional court in Hamburg ruled that adblocking is, in fact, perfectly legal. What happened is that a few German publishers took us to court over the right to block ads, but thankfully every user’s right to determine what goes when they surf online was upheld.

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A year later, the call for better ads is deafening: the manifesto turns 1 · 30 days ago by Ben Williams

The Acceptable Ads Manifesto is about to celebrate its first birthday! In the past year its membership has more than tripled, and we’re looking forward to more signees who are ready to do the dirty work to get rid of bad ads.

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Adblock Plus 1.3 for Android and an apparent change in permissions · 44 days ago by René Jeschke

We have encountered users wondering about an apparently new permission declared by Adblock Plus 1.3 for Android, namely: ‘full permissions to all device features and storage’. Here’s the explanation about this new permission.

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Adblock Plus integrated into Maxthon browser · 74 days ago by Job Plas

Adblock Plus and Maxthon committed to a partnership where Adblock Plus has been integrated as a default feature in the popular Maxthon Cloud Browser.

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Much ado about ... nothing new? Facebook's terms go into effect today · 85 days ago by Ben Williams

As of today, Facebook users will automatically be subject to more invasive privacy policies under the updated Terms and Conditions. This may be frightening, but their moves to individualize advertising – even outside Facebook – are really nothing new. However, it is now official. If you don’t like it, you can either quit Facebook or, along with checking a few settings, just activate Adbock Plus privacy features.

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My, my Myspace? · 99 days ago by Ben Williams

On Wednesday, Venturebeat and others reported that Myspace’s owners, an ad company called Viant, will be using the personal information it has from its over 50 million users to track its users between their online activities and their purchases in the real world.

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Adblock Plus now available on Yandex Browser · 124 days ago by Ben Williams

We just released Adblock Plus for Yandex Browser. Now the 24 million Yandex Browser users can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they can block all annoying ads and unleash the power of Adblock Plus’s army of additional features.

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Adblock Plus is best defense against 'malvertising’ according to new study · 135 days ago by Ben Williams

After a year in which malvertising is becoming an unfortunate household name among advertisers and a favorite attack mechanism in the shady corners of Internet cybercrime, a new study concludes that “the safest way for users to protect themselves against malvertisements is to utilize solutions like Adblock Plus to prevent advertisements from being delivered to their browsers.”

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How to keep people from knowing you’ve read their Facebook message · 144 days ago by Ben Williams

You know how you’re able to see that someone has “seen” your message on Facebook? If you’re an Adblock Plus user and you’d like to disable this notification so that others don’t see when you’ve read their message we have a new solution that allows you to do so.

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Acceptable Advertising – before and after · 172 days ago by Ben Williams

Adblock Plus reveals insights into the whitelisting process by showing it from the inside-out: what is it like to apply? How do specific sites look before and after? We also reached out to actual sites on the whitelist to ask them what they think of Acceptable Ads.

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