Gimme, gimme, gimme my ABP TV! · 32 days ago by Ben Williams

Great news! We’ve got a new product called ABP TV. It has three chief features that help guard your privacy against the snooping eyes of your smart TV. These swell new features can automagically encrypt your searches into Klingon and even see into the future! On a side note, thank you tech world for creating the fantastic word “automagic”! The English language owes you at least, like, $1.50 for that clever amalgam!(!) And oh, right, happy April 1!

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Five and oh … look, another lawsuit upholds users’ rights online · 35 days ago by Ben Williams

Happily, we just won our fifth straight lawsuit in Germany. This one was brought by Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s largest national subscription newspaper. The win once more cemented each user’s right to block ads while also finding that our Acceptable Ads initiative is not damaging, but rather favorable to publishers. The result followed four other victories in German courts.

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Adblock Plus is the first ad blocker available for your new Samsung S7 phone · 54 days ago by Ben Williams

Millions of happy Samsung fans will receive their Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge tomorrow, and when they do they will be among the first who can download and use Adblock Plus for Samsung Browser.

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Acceptable Ads explained: monetization · 68 days ago by Ben Williams

Here at Adblock Plus we discuss Acceptable Ads constantly. Even if we take every opportunity to talk about it with you, we often forget that you don’t eat, breathe and sleep this stuff. So some aspects of it may seem ambiguous, even opaque. In this blog post we try to clarify one of the thorniest, most complex bits: monetization.

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#CampDavid Europe · 82 days ago by Ben Williams

Last week we held our second #CampDavid discussion with leading experts in advertising, consumer rights, publishing and privacy. This time the stage was subterranean London, but just like last time we sought advice as we move forward with our plans to hand over the Acceptable Ads initiative to an independent committee.

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Adblock Plus opens Berlin office; Ex-Wunderlist CFO Steffen Kiedel joins team · 89 days ago by Ben Williams

We’re pleased to announce that Adblock Plus will be opening a second office in Berlin starting this March. In addition, we’ve hired former Wunderlist CFO Steffen Kiedel to join our team. Steffen will take over as CFO and head of the Berlin office.

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Adblock Plus now available for Samsung devices · 92 days ago by Job Plas

Samsung, the world’s largest mobile hardware manufacturer, today introduced content blocking functionality in the default Samsung Browser for all their devices.

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Decadblock: Adblock Plus turns 10 · 102 days ago by Ben Williams

Adblock Plus turned 10 years old this week! Celebrate the “decadblock” by reading about how Wladimir wrote the first Adblock Plus code from the original adblocker code, how Till met Wladimir and, oh yeah … how we’ve got something to celebrate after these 10 years: a half billion downloads!

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IAB dis-invites us, disses compromise and buries dissent · 109 days ago by Ben Williams

Last year we sent someone to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Leadership Conference. Even if we don’t always agree, it was a constructive event. Well, we wanted to go this year too. But after buying a ticket, booking a flight and reserving a room, we got, ahem, dis-invited. It left us a bit confused: how can the IAB top brass still think ad blocking will just go away? Why are their heads so firmly entrenched in the sand?

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Acceptable Ads evolves, transparency too · 139 days ago by Job Plas

Today, we are announcing updates to the Acceptable Ads criteria while keeping the core values. The idea is to make Acceptable Ads easier to understand, even if you don’t have a background in ads, while providing a perfect starting point for the Acceptable Ads Committee which will take over in 2016. Finally, transparency is critical for us so we are releasing more public information on how we monetize with Acceptable Ads.

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