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The Scariest Thing on the Internet · 18 days ago by Matthew Garcia

Halloween is supposed to be the scariest time of the year. But what’s the scariest thing on the internet?

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What's all this about filter lists? Adblock Plus 3.7 Release · 26 days ago by Matthew Garcia

Filter lists are an interesting element to the online game that some people may not know a great deal about. This is unfortunate, as they can help users have the internet experience they really want to have.

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New Release: Adblock Plus 3.7 · 27 days ago by Susie Concannon

We’re back with a new release! In ABP 3.7, you’ll notice several user interface (UI) updates and overall under the hood improvements, notably increased CPU (Central Processing Unit) performance.

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New Release: Adblock Plus 3.6 · 110 days ago by Susie Concannon

This release features several all-around UI improvements, fixes and updates to ABP filters, and other minor behind-the-scenes changes.

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Is Chrome’s Ad Filter enough? · 132 days ago by Susie Concannon

With all the hype about Chrome and their new Ad Filter, it’s important to ask what it really is, and also how it affects external ad blockers.

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One out of every hundred online advertisements is infected with malvertising · 150 days ago by Susie Concannon

The IT company Confiant has reported in their current Q1 2019 Demand Quality Report that almost every hundredth ad impression that users see is infected with malvertising, and that the risk of infection is higher on the weekend and especially on holidays. The basis for these numbers is the result of an analysis of over 100 billion ad impressions during the time period between Q4/2018 and Q1/2019.

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Firefox bug disabled all add-ons - including Adblock Plus · 198 days ago by Laura Dornheim

Since late Friday night, an expired certificate caused all add-ons on Firefox to be disabled.
With Adblock Plus being one of the favorite add-ons for users world-wide, this hits us hard. But we have absolute confidence in the open source community behind Firefox to get this fixed as soon as possible!

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Vulnerability? Fixed! · 212 days ago by Laura Dornheim

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Potential vulnerability through the URL rewrite filter option · 216 days ago by Laura Dornheim

Hours ago we were made aware that the rewrite-option that we provide for filter list authors can potentially be abused to execute third-party code on a website.

We are taking this very seriously and are currently investigating the actual risk for our users to determine the best countermeasure.

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New Release Adblock Plus 3.5: Making blocking 5x faster! · 250 days ago by Laura Dornheim

Adblock Plus has been helping to improve the web for users since 2007, giving you more control over your internet experience, and creating a better and sustainable online environment. The new release of Adblock Plus 3.5 brings with it serious improvements and advantages. In addition to the already fast and battle-tested ad-blocking capabilities of our previous release, one of the most valuable improvements for users is that the new version uses up to 60 percent less CPU, or Central Processing Units. That means that less of your computer’s processing capabilities are needed for blocking ads, resulting in even more speed and surfing ease.

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