Adblock Plus and (a little) more

Ad blocking on iPhone with Adblock Plus · 16 days ago by Aisha Sharipzhan

Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to block ads on your iPhone for free! Install the world’s number 1 ad blocker and block ads on Safari.

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The Acceptable Ads Committee wants your input · 97 days ago by Job Plas

Are you an ad-blocker user and have some understanding and interest regarding monetization strategies of online content? Please provide your ideas, feedback and other remarks in this form that the AAC set up to collect ideas, and help decide what is next for the AAC.

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New Release: Adblock Plus 3.9 · 111 days ago by Anna Fediaieva

Adblock Plus 3.9 for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge is here!

What has changed?

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New update page · 191 days ago by Kathrin Jennewein

Since we launched the first version of Adblock Plus, our clearest priorities have always been user choice and transparency.
We are currently at version 3.8 and every update makes our adblocker even better. That’s the reason why over 100 million users worldwide rely on us to improve their internet experience.

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How to block ads on Android · 211 days ago by Matthew Garcia

Here’s how to block ads on Android for free! Use an ad blocker and get rid of pop up ads, block ads in your browser and protect your phone right now.

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A few easy YouTube fixes: How to block YouTube ads and protect online privacy · 222 days ago by Matthew Garcia

What are some ways to both enjoy YouTube with less hassle, and also ensure our, and our children’s, privacy?

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Adblock Plus for iOS is still the best ad blocker for iPhone! Pssst, it's also free! · 231 days ago by Ben Williams

We are still the go-to ad blocker for Iphone on the Safari browser.

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New Release: Adblock Plus 3.8 · 252 days ago by Lisa Bielik

Welcome to 2020! The crew behind your favorite ad blocker is hitting the ground running with a new Adblock Plus release.

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Adblock Browser 2.0 for Android is here · 266 days ago by Kathrin Jennewein

On 05 February 2020, Adblock Plus released Adblock Browser in its 2.0 version for Android. This newest version contains an integrated YouTube modus.

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Ad blocker for Edge: ABP continues to support the browser in its new Chromium-based version · 281 days ago by Matthew Garcia

Adblock Plus was the first ad blocker for Microsoft Edge available to the general public…

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