German court (again) says ad blocking legal; Axel Springer given consolation prize on appeal · 6 days ago by Ben Williams

Axel Springer, the multi-billion transnational publisher who puts out Business Insider and Germany’s Bild, among others, appealed our previous victory against them in German court, and we’re happy to inform you that users got another win today at the German regional court of appeals. That is, ad blocking is still legal in ye olde Deutschland. They were granted a secondary part of the appeal, but the important part resulted in an outcome we know very well: users win!

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Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge available for Windows Insiders on a Fast Ring · 50 days ago by Sebastian Noack

We have been working closely with Microsoft to bring Adblock Plus to Microsoft Edge, their new web browser. Today, Microsoft pushed an update to the Windows Insider Fast Ring (their pre-release channel), improving support for browser extensions in Microsoft Edge. At the same time we have released an experimental version of Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge that is compatible with this latest Windows Insider Fast Ring update. This is the first ad blocker available for Microsoft Edge.

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100 million users, 100 million thank-yous · 52 days ago by Ben Williams

Y’all rule. For real … As our co-founder Till told TechCrunch Disrupt in Brooklyn today, our newest user estimates put us – err, “y’all” – at over 100 million users (“user” = active installation). Thanks to each one! While counts have been relatively stable in countries like Germany and France, we’ve seen tremendous growth elsewhere, like in the US and UK, as people there take back control of their online experience. Once again, thanks … here’s to the next 100 million!

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Flattr Plus · 58 days ago by Ben Williams

The web’s been searching for 27 years to find a viable way to let users painlessly fund the content they love. We think we’ve found what we’ve all been looking for: Flattr Plus, a joint product between Flattr and ABP, will allow you to easily and automatically fund the artists, bloggers and musicians you love. Beta sign-up now at the new Flattr Plus website.

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Gimme, gimme, gimme my ABP TV! · 90 days ago by Ben Williams

Great news! We’ve got a new product called ABP TV. It has three chief features that help guard your privacy against the snooping eyes of your smart TV. These swell new features can automagically encrypt your searches into Klingon and even see into the future! On a side note, thank you tech world for creating the fantastic word “automagic”! The English language owes you at least, like, $1.50 for that clever amalgam!(!) And oh, right, happy April 1!

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Five and oh … look, another lawsuit upholds users’ rights online · 93 days ago by Ben Williams

Happily, we just won our fifth straight lawsuit in Germany. This one was brought by Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s largest national subscription newspaper. The win once more cemented each user’s right to block ads while also finding that our Acceptable Ads initiative is not damaging, but rather favorable to publishers. The result followed four other victories in German courts.

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Adblock Plus is the first ad blocker available for your new Samsung S7 phone · 112 days ago by Ben Williams

Millions of happy Samsung fans will receive their Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge tomorrow, and when they do they will be among the first who can download and use Adblock Plus for Samsung Browser.

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Acceptable Ads explained: monetization · 126 days ago by Ben Williams

Here at Adblock Plus we discuss Acceptable Ads constantly. Even if we take every opportunity to talk about it with you, we often forget that you don’t eat, breathe and sleep this stuff. So some aspects of it may seem ambiguous, even opaque. In this blog post we try to clarify one of the thorniest, most complex bits: monetization.

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#CampDavid Europe · 140 days ago by Ben Williams

Last week we held our second #CampDavid discussion with leading experts in advertising, consumer rights, publishing and privacy. This time the stage was subterranean London, but just like last time we sought advice as we move forward with our plans to hand over the Acceptable Ads initiative to an independent committee.

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Adblock Plus opens Berlin office; Ex-Wunderlist CFO Steffen Kiedel joins team · 147 days ago by Ben Williams

We’re pleased to announce that Adblock Plus will be opening a second office in Berlin starting this March. In addition, we’ve hired former Wunderlist CFO Steffen Kiedel to join our team. Steffen will take over as CFO and head of the Berlin office.

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