With new Firefox version, mass ABP-installation now available on all major browsers · 3 days ago by Ben Williams

Among a host of other improvements, Adblock Plus for Firefox 2.6.10 will allow IT administrators of large networks like companies or school systems to seamlessly deploy Adblock Plus across their entire network …. Plus a whole lot of other upgrades and improvements on the browser where it all started.

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University students validate LSD Project · 23 days ago by Ben Williams

Simon Fraser University conducted a study to test how efficient Adblock Plus is. They found that it significantly reduced network data usage, something that has direct implications for IT admins on large networks (like companies and universities) interested in our new Adblock Plus for Administrators feature.

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Major Adblock Plus update for Chrome includes feature for mass installation on big networks · 45 days ago by Ben Williams

Adblock Plus today released version 1.9 for Chrome, Opera and Safari. This is the first update in around three months, and it includes improvements to performance and a new feature for IT admins that will make it significantly easier to deploy Adblock Plus across very large networks.

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New role · 51 days ago by Felix Dahlke

As Wladimir has just announced, I’m taking over as Chief Technology Officer of Eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus.

My first Adblock Plus patch has landed a little more than three years ago. I’ve joined Eyeo back when it was just a handful of people working on Adblock Plus for Firefox and new ports for Chrome and Android. I’ve worked on those projects, as well as on scaling and open sourcing our infrastructure, libadblockplus, a native wrapper around the Adblock Plus code, and Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer. By now I’ve contributed to pretty much all of our projects, wherever I felt my time was best spent. Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on Adblock Browser for Android, our new mobile browser based on Firefox.

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Changing roles · 51 days ago by Wladimir Palant

I’ve been the CTO of Eyeo since we founded it four years ago to put the Adblock Plus project on a more solid basis. This made sense, after all I created the Adblock Plus project and had been solely responsible for all things technical for five years. However, as the development team has been growing it became obvious that I’m not the best person to do this job. So, as of now I’m just a developer on the team and the new CTO is my colleague Felix Dahlke (fhd). This sounds like a bigger change than it really is, so I’ll try to answer all questions in advance.

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Content blocking in Safari 9 and iOS 9: good news? Or the death knell of ad blocking on Safari? · 51 days ago by Sebastian Noack

Apple recently announced a new mechanism for Safari and iOS extensions to block content. In short, either this new API will improve Adblock Plus performance on Safari or it will force us to rely upon an inferior blocking format that would essentially kill ad blocking on Safari.

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Another court, another (obvious) win for ad blocking ... and Acceptable Ads too · 65 days ago by Ben Williams

Ad blocking has again been found 100 percent legal, this time according to a Munich regional court which also legitimated our Acceptable Ads initiative. (Just like last time) a group of massive publishers took us to court, and just like last time the court said, “uh, no.”

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Adblock Browser is here · 73 days ago by Ben Williams

Today we are pleased to announce Adblock Browser for Android. Our first foray into a more complete mobile ad blocking solution will block annoying ads out of the box and is a great overall browser for your Android device.

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adblockplus.org is now powered by a new CMS engine · 73 days ago by Wladimir Palant

Five years ago we started using Anwiki to power adblockplus.org. The most important reason was our need to support translations in a way that could scale for many languages and many translators. Sadly, Anwiki has a number of issues that make working with it unnecessarily hard. We couldn’t find any existing products that do a better job so we decided to roll our own.

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Restating the obvious: adblocking declared legal · 101 days ago by Ben Williams

Today, after a four-month trial, a regional court in Hamburg ruled that adblocking is, in fact, perfectly legal. What happened is that a few German publishers took us to court over the right to block ads, but thankfully every user’s right to determine what goes when they surf online was upheld.

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