#CampDavid NYC · 18 days ago by Ben Williams

Last Tuesday in New York we hosted #CampDavid NYC, a meeting of publishers, advertisers, journalists, nonprofits and tech groups to help us formulate our newly announced Acceptable Ads ‘board’. The first thing they said was, “don’t call it board.” For our part, we just did a whole lot of listening …

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Smells like censorship, Big Brother · 37 days ago by Ben Williams

Bild.de started blocking users of ad blocking technology recently. We basically said, OK, that’s your right. In the meantime there were discussions in our forum about a way to counter the Bild blockade — these were basically users and forum moderators discussing how they could build a filter, quite independent of ABP or any other affiliation. Just users. Just free speech at its finest. Well, Bild’s publisher asked us to take those discussions down, we declined and just this evening we received a court order forcing us to take them down.

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From the Manifesto to the Acceptable Ads Board · 59 days ago by Ben Williams

When we wrote the Acceptable Ads Manifesto last year, we were already thinking about how we might improve the Acceptable Ads initiative while stepping back from it as a company. Today, we’re happy to say that we’ve decided to commit to an idea we had long ago: an independent board made up of representatives for users, advertisers and publishers to assume complete control of Acceptable Ads.

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Adblock Plus for iOS is finally here! Pssst, it's free! · 61 days ago by Ben Williams

You know the only good thing about best thing about submitting to Apple’s App Store? When you’re done submitting and actually on the App Store! Like we are now: Adblock Plus for iOS made it through this morning, meaning you can block annoying ads automatically on your iPhone or iPad — and for exactly 0 dollars.

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Axel Springer goes home empty-handed in unsuccessful lawsuit against users’ rights · 62 days ago by Ben Williams

Axel Springer, the multibillion dollar publishing house that just today bought Business Insider for $343m and recently lost a high stakes bidding war to Japan’s largest media company, Nikkei, for rights to purchase the Financial Times, has sued our startup right here in our home town of Cologne, Germany. Once again, the courts ruled in favor of users’ rights, declaring that ad blocking is completely legal.

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Latest Firefox update massively improves Adblock Plus memory usage · 68 days ago by Ben Williams

Mozilla pushed the newest update of its Firefox browser yesterday. This will improve Adblock Plus memory usage for Firefox users immensely and immediately.

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Peace out ... and long live Crystal · 71 days ago by Ben Williams

We heard with regret that Peace pulled out of the App Store. That sucks, but the good news is that we’ll be there any time now, and in the meantime there are lots of great solutions out there like Crystal to test out.

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Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer 1.5 release candidate available · 82 days ago by Oleksandr Paraska

We are planning to release a new version of Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer next Tuesday, September 15th, 2015. The release candidate is available here.

This release includes improvements for the large scale deployments. Here is the list of changes since the last release:

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First official ad blocker for iOS launches today; ditto for Android · 83 days ago by Ben Williams

While Apple gears up for iOS 9 and media speculate on some apps in private beta, we’ve gone ahead and launched. That’s right, starting right now you can download Adblock Browser from the App Store for your Apple devices and from the Google Play Store for your Android ones.

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Adblock Plus for Firefox and Element Hiding Helper development builds now hosted on AMO · 86 days ago by Wladimir Palant

Mozilla is starting to enforce their signing on all add-ons: Firefox 40 already warns about unsigned add-ons, Firefox 41 Beta outright disables them. This isn’t a big issue for our add-on releases as these are signed by addons.mozilla.org (AMO) automatically. However, the development builds were hosted on our own servers until recently, no such signing there.

Because of that, a few weeks ago we moved our development builds to AMO to have them signed automatically. You can also download them from AMO directly (see Development Channel section in the extension description). Anybody who installed development builds from our website should be upgraded to the AMO-hosted builds automatically.

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