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Adblock Plus browser add-on gets comfy with Firefox 57 · 2017-11-06 15:00 by Rachel Brochado

As Firefox fans and users know, Firefox will release version 57 later in November. The new version of the browser will only allow add-ons that are compatible with the WebExtensions API, so the Adblock Plus development team has already been busy getting our award-winning add-on ready.

Today, we’ve released Adblock Plus 3.0 for Firefox, our first Firefox release based on Firefox’s new WebExtensions rules.

Aside from all the things under the hood, you will immediately notice a few differences in the new ABP for Firefox. First and foremost, it will just look different; those who also use ABP for Chrome or Opera will notice some aesthetic similarities, for sure. Otherwise, you’ll probably pick out the following:

  • A new Adblock Plus icon: Our icon now works the same as it does for Chrome users. Specifically, this means that a counter will display the number of blocked requests, so users know more quickly what’s going on in the background and how many ads are being blocked. The more detailed statistics previously displayed in the icon’s tooltip are gone. The icon will open the bubble UI, same as in Chrome.
  • A similar-looking issue reporter: We added an issue reporter to this release, so this feature, which was part of the previous ABP for Firefox, wouldn’t go missing. Using it is also very similar to the old one. Right now we’re not able to collect as many issues as before, but we’ll improve that in subsequent releases.

Adblock Plus worked hard to release our 3.0 browser extension for Firefox early because all Firefox add-ons have to convert to the new WebExtensions API by the time Mozilla releases Firefox 57 later in the month. This is not even to mention those already running the development build of 57, on which the old extensions API does not work. Given that, there will be a few features that longtime Adblock Plus for Firefox users will miss in the new release. Rest assured that we’re working as hard as we can to bring as many features as possible to ABP using the new WebExtensions API for Firefox.

Cheers to all the Firefox development going on right now!


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  1. Iago Alonso Alonso · 2017-11-06 15:52 · #

    Thank you so much for your efforts, keep doing it so well!

    Reply from Rachel Brochado:

    Hey Iago! Thanks to YOU for being our user. We appreciate your support. Cheers! Rachel

  2. LorenzoC · 2017-11-06 20:19 · #

    “there will be a few features that longtime Adblock Plus for Firefox users will miss in the new release”

    Sorry guys but it is the other way round, this new extension does not have any of the meaningful features from previous versions for Firefox. We all know why, it is just a porting of ABP for Chrome.

    I don’t blame you but ABP as it is now is basically useless for my personal use because, given the current poor integration with Dev Tools, there is no practical way to inspect pages and write my own rules. And here I am not even thinking of all the “fine-tuning” options of previous versions, I mean even the most basic rule. I mean, you can’t even sort a list.

    On a side note, I suggest to verify the “opt-out” and “remove” options for “acceptable ads” and “easylist” default settings, from here it looks like they don’t work well (like resetting to default when you close FF).

    Reply from Rachel Brochado:

    Hey LorenzoC!
    Thanks for reaching out to us.
    Could you let us know what are the meaningful features from previous versions you are referring to?
    We are improving the Dev Tools, and you should be able to see some progress in the near future.
    Also, can you give us more details about the “opt-out” and “remove” options for “acceptable ads” and “easylist” not working well?

  3. Hein Muck · 2017-11-06 23:04 · #

    Thumbs up @LorenzoC

    What a pity!

    Maybe you could integrate this great feature in the next version?!

    Kind regards
    Hein Mück

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Blockable items are now integrated into Firefox Developer Tools. You can press Ctrl+Shift+I (Cmd+Option+I on macOS) to open them, there is an Adblock Plus panel. We would like to provide a more straightforward way to get there from the Adblock Plus user interface, but that’s currently not possible (yes, we filed a Firefox bug on that a year ago). The biggest difference is that the new panel won’t show you requests that happened before the panel was opened, you might have to reload the page. This is consistent with the way Developer Tools behave in general, and doing it differently would cause a performance impact regardless of whether people use this feature or not.

  4. Michael · 2017-11-07 03:57 · #

    Props to Adblock Plus team for creating this add on in record time. Mozilla’s 360 on privacy is problematic!

    Firefox 57 will automatically install “Cliqz spyware”, without consent. Guess who owns Cliqz? Hubert Burda Media! Mozilla has sold out it’s users for Thirty pieces of silver.

    Thank God! I managed to pull the original Adblock Plus, before Mozilla replaced it. :)

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    To give them some credit, the Cliqz extension being distributed to Firefox users has most of its functionality disabled (I did look through he source code). This applies in particular to the questionable privacy aspects. It still isn’t an extension I would leave enabled in my browser, but I’m also not the typical user.

  5. plinkleton · 2017-11-07 05:20 · #

    I would like to have the old version back like it was yesterday version 2.9
    how can I re-install adblock 2.9
    I do not want version 3.0

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    All historical releases are available under – you can install from there. However, these won’t work with Firefox 57 that is going to be released in a week.

  6. Aslanex · 2017-11-07 07:48 · #

    Great work! I was scared what would happen when you eventually had not done it on time, but these doubts are not necessary anymore :)
    Just as a filter writer, I would appreciate more features for us – i.e. the old list of blockable requests or an option to turn off individual filters was very useful.

  7. bopoh13 · 2017-11-07 09:05 · #

    Thanks to the developers: they eliminated the problem of processing the initial page. But working with the list of exceptions became inconvenient. In addition, you can not disable the ABP by pressing the button on the panel. Hot keys do not work, despite the fact that blocked items can be seen by Strl+Shift+E. Missing the list of filters in xml.

    @Michael, recommend to install addon “CanvasBlocker”.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    We want to improve the Options page still, the functionality will hopefully be more comparable to the old one soon. But things like processing middle-clicks on our button simply aren’t possible any more, and the available shortcut keys API is extremely limited. No way around that, we now have to do with what the Web Extensions platform gives us.

  8. first impression · 2017-11-07 10:17 · #

    Is there a way to use the blockable items log any longer?

    Is there a way to uncheck/edit individual filters in a filter list any longer? There is an edit filters button for custom ones but nothing for filter lists. Are those now all or nothing only?

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Blockable items are now integrated into Firefox Developer Tools. You can press Ctrl+Shift+I (Cmd+Option+I on macOS) to open them, there is an Adblock Plus panel. We would like to provide a more straightforward way to get there from the Adblock Plus user interface, but that’s currently not possible (yes, we filed a Firefox bug on that a year ago). The biggest difference is that the new panel won’t show you requests that happened before the panel was opened, you might have to reload the page. This is consistent with the way Developer Tools behave in general, and doing it differently would cause a performance impact regardless of whether people use this feature or not.

    The current user interface doesn’t allow disabling individual filters. That’s one of the features we hope to re-add in future.

  9. Panos · 2017-11-07 11:14 · #

    Here’s the link to old versions, including 2.9.1 (the last one before WebExtensions):

  10. David · 2017-11-07 16:31 · #

    I miss the option Disable everywhere….

    Reply from Rachel Brochado:

    Hey David!
    It was indeed more convenient to disable it everywhere. However, an option could be to disable the add-on from Firefox.

  11. LorenzoC · 2017-11-07 17:23 · #

    @Rachel Brochado
    If you think of ABP as a tool to filtering “annoyances” automatically, meaning the user installs it and forgets, then new ABP would be fine. There are even too many options for such an user.

    But if you think of the features ABP for Firefox had before that set it apart from other tools, new version is a catastrophe. Well, it was expected since we knew ABP for Chrome, right?

    Missing features are those who assisted the user in inspecting web pages and defining “personal rules”. Those “personal rules” are not (or should not be) meant to complement Easylist and alike, they are also good for people like me who want to be in control of what ABP does with a trimmed list of 200-300 lines instead of relying on gigantic overkill “lets filter the whole Internet” sets, assembled and updated by who knows.

    Current integration with Dev Tools is a joke, useless. Like I said, you can’t even sort the list and basically all you can do is to click and copy the whole line in a basic text-area in “advanced settings”. It is more or less the same (or even worse) of looking at page source and editing rules with an external editor like notepad or something, in the ’90s.

    I am sure everybody working on ABP knows of it all better than me and they also know there isn’t any competitive edge right now.

    About the issue with opt-out and remove options, in my case (FF beta), when I close the browser and re-open it, at times I get the default settings back regardless what I have set. My preferred configuration would be “acceptable ads” disabled and Easylist removed. Pointless anyway given the major issue above.

  12. mapx · 2017-11-07 17:55 · #

    “The current user interface doesn’t allow disabling individual filters. That’s one of the features we hope to re-add in future.”

    Probably is much better (and much simpler) implementing the new features “important”, “badfilter”

  13. Anon · 2017-11-07 20:25 · #

    So no option anymore to “disable everywhere” adblock plus? I understand the middle-click is not possible anymore because of the WebExtensions limitations, but a button to entirely disable adblock plus would be good.

  14. Sammy · 2017-11-07 22:16 · #

    With ABP 3.0 I don’t see an ABP panel in Dev Tools. I’m on Firefox 52.4 ESR for Windows.

    I’m really not loving the dumbed down Chrome-style interface you’re moving to. I know the browser plumbing is changing and ABP must adapt, but it’s a huge regression in both usability and utility. I’m reverting to 2.9.1 for now and hope 3.1 will be similar to it.

    That said, thank you so much for producing the single best add-on of them all, by far. Cheers!

  15. First Impression · 2017-11-07 23:19 · #

    Re: Blockable items are now integrated into Firefox Developer Tools

    Is there a way to have the open in a separate window like it worked before this version? Undocking it breaks it from being able to list anything so it has to be docked to the bottom or side of the tab to function.

    I would like to have it open and listing everything undocked like it would work previously. That way it doesn’t take up room on the window. If there is anything you can do to fix that it would be appreciated.

    Re: The current user interface doesn’t allow disabling individual filters. That’s one of the features we hope to re-add in future.

    If you can address that as soon as possible, that would be most welcome also. Since the filter authors have to allow whitelists that fix an issue and apply that to everyone and a number of them can be unwanted for others or even allow things some would want blocked, being able to search for and uncheck @@ items is important.


  16. Kevin · 2017-11-08 01:10 · #

    I will have to stop using Firefox if this new version doesn’t change dramaticallly.
    If you can’t fix Adblock because of Mozilla, then can you please find a way to keep the 2.0 branch working for Waterfox? please, please

    Here’s a full list of things I need to keep using Firefox. I pretty much need them all:
    Note: I know the reason for many things is because Mozilla crippled the browser, but I still need the features, nonetheless.
    P.S. Sorry for the harshness; if it makes you feel better, feel proud that you made something I liked, but upset that Mozilla ruined it for you.

    ALL of these features existed in 2.0 version.
    1. Adblock deletes ALL custom filters and backups when it updates to 3.0!!!! I deliberately didn’t want 3.0, but the addon updated by itself anyways, so I removed it and went back to 2.x, and ALL my custom filters and ALL filter backups were erased!!!! Months of filters lost.
    2 The list of items on the page is inside developer tools. I don’t want to open the slow dev tools and try and navigate to adblock everytime. I need a separate (and faster) pane just for adblock.
    3 If i open dev tools > adblock after I loaded a page, I have to reload the page to see the list. This is very bad, since you always open the pane after a page is loaded and you notice an item that needs bloking; so its a big time waster. In 2.x, I didn’t have to refresh most of the time.
    4 I can’t sort the dev > adblock list (so I can’t find anything).
    5 I can’t filter the list by typing text (so I can’t find anything).
    6 I can’t resize the columns, so I can’t see the full url of many items! (in dev > adblock)
    7 I can’t see image sizes! (in dev > adblock)
    8 In dev > adblock, if I block an item I can’t customize the filter rule. That makes it utterly useless!
    9 In dev > adblock, if it shows a block rule or exeption rule listed, I can’t edit that rule. Now I have to spend forever trying to find that rule in my filters.
    10. There is no way to block elements anymore! This is a key feature I need. I tried to use the developer panel to select an element for blocking but it didn’t work. … and having to use the bloated and slow dev panel to select elements is painful. I don’t want to have to use the bloated, slow, and buggy dev panel for ANY adblock feature!
    11. I can’t import my old filter lists from 2.0!
    12. I can’t make multiple filter lists. This is a critical feature!
    13. I can’t sort my filter lists, or see them as a list of items. Instead I have to edit a huge list like I’m in notepad. This is beyond aweful. I can’t use adblock if this is how it will be.
    14. It takes mutiple clicks to get to my custom filter. I used to just click on the adblock icon and could go straight to the custom filters window.
    13. The interface itself is dumbed down and looks like a UI for tablets. Power features are now hidden away requiring mutiple clicks to get to. Bad: facebook, twitter, g+ icons ( I deliberately don’t use any of those) Bad: extra white space for no reason. Bad: I have to click options and then navigate to mutiple sections of a webpage instead of having all features linked directly when I click the adblock icon on the toolbar — example: I need a direct link to my custom filters. Bad: filter settings opens up inside another tab instead of a new window.

  17. Heisenburg · 2017-11-08 03:10 · #

    +1 for what Kevin said. If I wanted fire & forget I would have installed ubo like the majority of the casual ad-blocking crowd a long time ago. I moved from FF to waterfox to keep must-have extensions like abp and noscript working. Is there any way you can maintain a version for waterfox? Firefox (and possibly webex abp) will become the AOL of the 2020s, with an install base that only exists because the users have forgotten to uninstall redundant (and inferior) software. I love ABP -I can’t imagine going back to before adblocking was a thing…and I really, really don’t want to learn to use ubo’s cancerous ui.

  18. Kevin · 2017-11-08 03:43 · #

    I’m Kevin, the poster from post #16.

    I realize I was very harsh… even mean, I should have been more considerate of the adblock dev’s feelings. Think about this everyone:
    The adblock devs created a great product over the years that we all love, so they did a good thing. It was actually the Mozilla developers who ruined it for everyone in a few short months.

    Having said that, every flaw I posted is still very true, and I even figured out a few other big flaws in 3.0 that I can’t live without.

    If the adblock devs can’t convince the Mozilla/Firefox people to allow them to add the features, then I dunno what will happen.

  19. Kevin · 2017-11-08 03:54 · #

    It’s me again; I refined my list of must-haves for adblock. I tried to email it to the devs but got an email error. How can I email the developers??
    Here’s the email:

    To the adblock devs:

    Earlier, I just listed things I don’t like in the new version, but I know it is more important that you (the devs) know which “features” are “critical” for users.
    Since you can’t just copy the 2.0 design, you need to know the must-have features so you can re-implement them somehow.

    So.. I would like to help by narrowing down MY must-have features to continue using Firefox.

    Let me say that I am fully aware that the fault is Mozilla, and not you. I posted bug reports on Bugzilla years back and have used Firefox for years, but this change makes me consider abandoning Firefox forever. Ad-block is the only addon I use, but most features I simple can’t do without.

    Right now Waterfox seems like it may offer a future. If you are unable to get adblock working good enough, would you consider continuing the 2.0 branch so it works well with Waterfox? Waterfox has plans to continue with add-on support as well as maybe using an improved Webextensions API with better low level access.

    Anyways, here’s my attempt to narrow down the list of critical features in a way that is more friendly and useful towards you (I hope). Items marked in bold are must-haves for me to continue using adblock and Firefox.

    1. I strongly dislike using adblock inside developer tools, because dev tools are slow, bloated and buggy. What I mean is that dev tools take a long time to open, they lags the browser when it’s open, and it has so many features vying for your attention, that it is hard to navigate to the right place. Now, to be fair, I think I could live with you using the dev tools if you have no other choice, but it does drastically hurt usability, so it will be a source of permanent annoyance.
    In summary: this it is not a must-fix issue, but it will be forever annoying.

    2. If i open dev tools > adblock after I loaded a page, I have to reload the page to see the list. This is a big waste of time, since you always open adblock after a page is loaded. Not only that, but the thing you want to block might disappear if you reload.
    In summary: In the end I might be able to live without this, but it will waste a lot of my time. It’s possible this is a must-have.

    3. The list in dev tools > adblock lacks critical features.
    3a. I can’t sort the list (so I can’t find anything without wasting a lot of time).
    3b. I can’t filter the list by typing text.
    3c. I can’t resize the columns, so I can’t see the full url.
    3d. I can’t see image sizes, which often helped me find the correct image.
    3e. I can’t see image previews as I hover over items; this was important to find the correct one.
    3f. If I click on a URL, it does not jump to that image on the page; this was important to find the correct one.
    3g. If I click to block an item I can’t customize the filter rule. That makes it useless. I almost always need to edit the URL of the item I block.
    3h. If the list shows an item that already has a block rule or exeption rule applied, I can’t click anywhere to edit that rule or goto that rule in the custom filter list. I must have this feature, or I would never be able to find the rule.
    To summarize: These items from #3 are critical to using adblock in the future; without them adblock is not usable for me.

    4. The custom filters section is useless now. :(
    4a. I can’t import or export or backup filters.
    4b. I can’t make multiple filters. I used to have 3+ different custom filters.
    4c. The custom filter is just a textarea, it has no intelligence….
    4d. I can’t sort the custom filter list, (Necessary to find something)
    4e. I can’t enable/disable individual filter lines with a checkbox (often necessary as a temporary solution to something).
    4f. I can’t text search for a filter line. (Necessary to find something)
    To summarize: These items from #4 are critical to using adblock in the future; without them adblock is not usable for me.

    5. right click > “block element” doesn’t work. It just shows an empty add filter window. (I will assume this is just a bug, so I will try to give a general idea of the features I must have.) When I right click > “block element”, I need the old window that lets you customize the URL of the image to whatever you want. Most of the time, I would edit the URL differently. I must have the ability to edit the url like I used to or adblock is useless to me.
    5a. In addition to the ability to edit the URL, it is key to see which image will be blocked while still in the edit URL window. This is often important because the right click “block image” often picks up the wrong image … or if you edit the URL, it may affect a different set of images. Hiding the images as you edit the URL and showing a preview of the images to be blocked would help.

    6. Element blocking doesn’t work. Element blocking is Critical: I must have the ability to EASILY block elements or adblock is useless to me.
    6a. Currently, when I try to use the element selector in dev tools (like you said to do in your blog), it does nothing. I will just assume this is a bug, so let me mention the critical features I must have.
    6b. After I highlight/select an item to block, I need the old style menu that shows the complete DOM structure for the selected item. Almost always, I will use that menu to make a more generalized element block rule. This DOM system and the ability to customize the rule is critical. I can’t do without this.
    6c. When customizing the DOM/jquery entry, it should hide the items that it would affect as I edit the DOM settings. This was critical in making the right jquery/DOM settings. I can’t do without this live feature.
    6d. When I use “block element” tool, it does not let me select as refined an area as before. It seems to only capture some elements, but doesn’t select smaller elements/areas or subtle differences in elements within the same square area. If I can’t precisely select the elements anymore, then it is useless to me. :(
    6e. When I blocked elements, they often went to a separate filter list then when I blocked URLs. I might like to have this option, but can probably live without it.

    7. The user interface is too hard to use. These item are not critical, but some are quite annoying.
    7a. Getting to my custom filters takes too many clicks. In 2.x all I had to do was click on the adblock icon and select edit filters. Now I have to select the adblock icon, click options, wait for the tab to load, find the correct category, click on the category, scroll down to the custom section, click edit filters. As you can see this is quite tedious from a UI/UX design perspective. This is may or may not be a deal breaker issue simply cause it is such a huge waste of my time doing all that so often.
    7b. The custom filters menu shows up in a tab instead of a new window. I don’t like this because I must deliberately move away from the tab that has my webpage just to edit the filters. An option to open the custom filters menu in a new window directly from the adblock icon (like before) would be ideal. However, this issue is not a deal breaker like some others were.
    7c. Clicking on the new adblock button contains some useless stuff: whitespace, such as the left and right padding, and the big adblock icon… The whitespace could be removed. Why? All that extra whitespace covers up more of the screen, and from a UI/UX design perspective it is better to cover up as little of the screen with a menu as possible. This is not a deal breaker issue for me.
    7d. Clicking on the new adblock button contains mores useless stuff: social media. The facebook, twitter, and G+ icons waste space. Also, I deliberately want nothing to do with any of those social media sites, so I don’t like them being there where I can accidentally click on them. This is not a deal breaker issue, but it reflects badly to me.
    7e. I would like to see more direct links in the adblock icon. For example: a link that opens a separate custom filters window and a link to the options.

    8. The “disable on this site” button does not tell me what site it is blocking and doesn’t let me select a subdomain either. This is a critical issue. I need to know exactly what domain or subdomain is being added before I click the “disable” button. Otherwise I won’t know if it is disabling what I want. In 2.x it would show the exact subdomain that would be blocked/unblocked, which is what I liked.
    8a. A minor issue with the “disable on this site” button is that it adds the filter to a completely different section of adblock that is hard to find and use. I would like it to be a custom filter section that can be sorted and edited just like in the old 2.x This may not be a critical issue.

    9. There is no global “disable adblock” I need this feature sometimes to disable all of adblock for a few seconds. This feature must be easy to turn on/off by using the adblock menu on the toolbar. This is a slightly critical issue.

    So… let me summarize:
    The following items are critical; I must have the features, or I can’t continue to use adblock:
    3a, 3b, 3c, 3f, 3g, 3h
    4b, 4c, 4d, 4e, 4f
    5, 5a
    6b, 6c, 6d
    The other items are still annoying, and I would prefer they be fixed too, but I wanted to try and narrow down the list to just the must-haves.

    While we are talking, would you be interested in a new feature that I would like to have? :)

    1a. I always have a hard time finding the URL of images on some webpages because the right click picks up the wrong image. This actually happens very often. It is usually because the image I click on is not 1 image, but several layered on top of each other. You might have a background image + another image on top of the background + a semi-transparent image over the other 2 that is used to trigger javascript events. So, when I right click, it tries to block the semi-transparent image that is on top that is used by the javascript. Instead, what I really wanted is the image underneath or the background. When this happens, it would be awesome if adblock could figure out that there is actually 3 images layered in the spot where you clicked … then it would show you a preview window with the URL and a preview image of all 3 images, then you pick the right one and edit the URL Offhand, I can’t think of a specific javascript command that lets you do this. Maybe you could do it by processing all the images in the DOM and finding out where they are on the page… then comparing that to the location the mouseclick occurred. However, I’m not sure if the DOM is designed to give that info. I know Firefox itself has that info, but then you would have to convince the Firefox devs to expose it as an API. :(

    1b. If you can’t find any way to implement #1a (which would be an awesome perfect solution), then that means I have to find the image through a lot of hard work. Sometimes I have to go to page info > media to find the image… or use the DOM selector in the dev tools because adblock doesn’t show some images in the URL list for some reason. However, when I do use the adblock page’s URL list, it would be nice to have a place where I could preview all the images at once instead of having to slowly hover over each URL, wait for it to load, and hope it’s the right one.

    I fear I may have said things that might hurt your feelings. :( If it helps any, think about this: You made a program that I liked in many ways, so you did a very good job… and the only reason that all these complaints exist (from myself and others) is because Mozilla made a bad decision that hurt you and everyone else. So, you perfected a great product over the years that many people liked, and it was Mozilla, not you, that messed it up.

    Anyways, I do want to be open to you asking me questions about some of my must-haves. I’m sorry I was so harsh, and I hope you won’t be hurt by it… I hope our future talks can be friendly and even helpful to both of us.


  20. mapx · 2017-11-08 13:24 · #

    @Kevin, I posted your email here:

    However, you could also add your thoughts in a “change” issue on the bug tracker:

  21. Kannan · 2017-11-08 14:22 · #

    Thank you so so so much for your work.

    I have enjoyed ad block on firefox for so long that I forgot ads even existed on YouTube.

    Until FireFox recently made changes and the previous adblock script would no longer work.

    It was really unpleasant to see ads again.

    Today it was such a pleasant surprise to see the adblock symbol light up at the corner of the tool bar.

    Thank you so so so so much for your efforts.

    I donated a small amount to the best I can and you guys deserve every donation.

    Thank you so much for keeping this service free and optional to pay.

    I really cannot imagine using YouTube with ads again, after being so used to not having it for so so long.

    Thank you so much.

  22. faceslikes · 2017-11-09 03:15 · #

    Firefox 57 will automatically install “Cliqz spyware”, without consent. Guess who owns Cliqz? Hubert Burda Media! Mozilla has sold out it’s users for Thirty pieces of silver.

  23. k750 · 2017-11-12 18:29 · #

    Great job.
    But Element Hiding Helper is not working with Firefox 56 / Adblock Plus 3.01
    Could you make it work? :)

  24. c7rax · 2017-11-13 12:16 · #

    If I would like to have chrome under my wings I would install chrome in the first step. Why do I need firefox which is working like chrome, with the same limitations?

    Current ABP is good for nothing. Websites are fighting with adblockers, they know the popular lists for adblock so they are making contr-filters to disable adblock usability.

  25. Michael · 2017-11-13 21:36 · #

    Anti-Adblock list defeats those counter measures , go to website, click on the Anti-Adblocker install link. The Noscript add on will stop websites detecting ABP.

    As for Mozilla’s Chromeefox, Palemoon, Waterfox, Firefox 52 ESR supports the original add on system.

    The Mozilla you once knew, is no more! Firefox 57 is still slower than Google Chrome.

  26. Claudio Roberto · 2017-11-16 23:57 · #

    You will have an update for the add-ons “Element Hiding Helper” and “Customizations for Adblock Plus”?

    The new “Element hiding” give me a fight to hiding some elements, sometimes i need to try many times and in some cases only works after i restart de firefox!

  27. Nox emulator · 2017-11-17 06:59 · #

    Ad block plus is not working on my latest firefox browser after updating 2 days back. The firefox version I am using on my Windows PC is Firefox 57.

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