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Adblock Plus now available for Samsung devices · 2016-02-01 13:57 by Job Plas

Samsung, the world’s largest mobile hardware manufacturer, today introduced content blocking functionality in the default Samsung Browser for all their devices.

Starting with the widely anticipated Android 6 update, Samsung will allow third parties to create content blockers that enhance the user experience of browsing the mobile web. Naturally, Adblock Plus is among the first to offer a powerful ad blocking experience for the Samsung Browser.

Enabling Adblock Plus on Samsung devices will speed up browsing, remove intrusive mobile ads and save data. As with all Adblock Plus products, some nonintrusive Acceptable Ads are unblocked to ensure many of the great content creators on the web can still monetize.

After our mobile Adblock Browsers, iOS content blocker, this is the third huge success for users on mobile platforms. We are very excited that more mobile stakeholders are recognizing the value and potential of providing users control over their mobile browsing experience.

Our mission of bringing ad blocking to mobile users is far from over. There is still much to accomplish on the mobile platforms. We will continue to work hard with our partners on providing a great user experience across devices, operating systems and browsers.

Are you using a Samsung device that just got the Android 6 update? Download Adblock Plus for the Samsung Browser here.


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    Samsung knows how to work.

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