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Anti-spam protection in the comments · 2007-02-05 12:22 by Wladimir Palant

A few days ago this blog was hit by the first automated comment spam attack since I installed it. I stopped the immediate attack by banning the spammer’s email address, but now I added proper anti-spam protection similar to what is used in the forum to prevent the same thing from happening again. If you notice any issues adding comments please send me a mail.


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  1. Robert Wetzlmayr · 2007-02-05 15:59 · #

    As this site is obviously running my pet CMS Textpattern, would you mind sharing how you accomplished spam filtering? Are you runnning a spam evaluator plugin (a rare animal, I am only aware of Sencer’s asy_captcha), or do you apply other counter measures?

    I’m not into tricking you to uncover your trade secrets, just a little nosing around.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    No, I am only making it hard to submit automated messages. If you view source you will surely find out how I do it. It won’t help against somebody who is determined to spam this particular site – but I don’t think anybody will bother writing custom spamming procedures only to send some spam messages that won’t survive a few hours.

  2. Mike · 2007-08-15 00:10 · #

    It’s very beautifully.

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