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Circumvention: 74% of ad-blocking users will leave sites with ad-block walls · 2019-12-18 15:43 by Kathrin Jennewein

Ad-block walls prevent monetization

According to the PageFair Adblock Report, 90% of ad-blocking users surveyed have encountered an ad-block wall. This, in fact, does not help publishers to monetize the content they created, as you can see in the following comic by System32Comics:

Seventy-four percent of these users will leave websites when they encounter an ad-block wall. When faced with such a blocker, older internet users and men are more likely to leave than perform the steps required to turn off their ad blocker. With this said, publishers do have other options to make money on websites.

eyeo supports Acceptable Ads, which advocate for better advertising. The Acceptable Ads Committee has created the Acceptable Ads standard for better advertising, which helps publishers monetize their content while respecting consumer choice.

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  1. Markus · 2019-12-19 08:34 · #

    Done it plenty of times, it’s almost routine by now. I usually try to tinker with the load and see if I can circumvent it, and if they try harder, I ditch the whole site from my daily news cycle and move on to greener pastures. Those are sites that regard me as an enemy and neither want nor deserve my attention as a reader. It’s just not worth the effort nor my time. Same with sites that show pop-ups and banners that try to guilt-trip me. I’m not going to go through their whole spiel and a that whole song and dance and a ton of incantations just to read a single stupid article.

  2. Tehfeeesh · 2019-12-22 19:00 · #

    Close the site and move on to the next search result. They did all that work to be the top ranked search result, then blew it at the last hurdle. Even if ads are quiet and relevant, there’s just too much risk that an ad rotation has something malicious in it to run without adblocker.

  3. Rex Witten · 2019-12-23 20:09 · #

    How do you get your program to work

  4. mmm · 2019-12-25 03:01 · #

    Rather die than disable my adblock…
    An anti-adblock will never be a solution, 5 seconds and one or two clicks to find an alternative.

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