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Get your Samsung Internet ad-free experience on Samsung and Google Nexus devices today · 2017-05-23 14:24 by Vicky Yu

Android users who have Samsung or Google Nexus devices can now surf without annoying ads thanks to Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet.

We know it’s been a bummer that our standalone app Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet was only available for Samsung device owners. No longer! Samsung Internet is now open to not just Samsung Galaxy devices but also Google Nexus Phones (you just need to be running Android 5.0 and above).

Samsung has done an excellent job with the brand new Samsung Internet – we’re truly amazed by the speed and extra features included in this brand new browser. Of course, one of the highlights is the “Content blockers” feature, i.e. the one allowing Adblock Plus. The content block experience was limited to Safari on iPhones and Samsung Internet on Samsung devices. Today – whether you have a Samsung device or Google Nexus phone – you’ll be able to enjoy ad-free browsing with Samsung Internet on your smartphone.You’ll get all the powerful Adblock Plus features, such as choosing your preferred filter lists, disabling tracking, disabling malware domains, adding your own whitelist websites, etc. You can also support constructive ad blocking by allowing some nonintrusive advertising, which you can turn off whenever you want with one click if you want to block everything.

It might be a bit confusing when you start to use it since it’s a standalone app that blocks ads inside of another app. Here’s how to do it:

  • Download Samsung Internet browser (check first to see if you already have it).
  • Download Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet.
    • The app itself will not “do” anything – you’ll need to go to Samsung Internet to experience ad-free browsing.
  • Open your new Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet app. There you will find instructions on how to activate it within the Samsung Internet browser.

Now, just open Samsung Internet and go to websites you want to visit. All of the annoying ads are automatically blocked!

Let’s get started then!

Click here to get your Samsung Internet (if you’re a Samsung device owner, this is already on your device;)).

Click here to get your Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet to start the ad-free experience!


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  1. Michael · 2017-05-26 00:37 · #

    Thanks for the head’s up. I’ve always wanted to try out Samsung’s browser with Adblock Plus.

    Forgive me for going off topic, please ABP crew add disable cookies, disable JavaScript. In the next IOS Adblock Plus browser. Thank you.

  2. onebox · 2017-06-13 13:01 · #

    Everyone loves to use the content without ads. This is a great move. On PC, Firefox and Opera is not showing ads in their private modes. But, we should consider webmasters as well.

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