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Moving to Germany · 2006-11-11 03:03 by Wladimir Palant

I just came back from Germany a few days ago and now (in a few hours) I am going there again. This came quite unexpectedly, I didn’t know myself until two days ago. This time I will stay in Darmstadt for a few months, working with the guys at the university and hopefully producing something useful together. I should come back to Oslo in the beginning of March to finish my PhD thesis — plan is to be all done before May. That’s some crazy time coming up…


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  1. rick752 · 2006-11-11 05:43 · #

    Gutes Glück, Wladimir.

    Gerade vergessen Sie nicht über uns hier.

  2. MonztA · 2006-11-11 13:23 · #

    Online translators suck, rick752. ^^ :P

  3. chewey · 2006-11-11 13:55 · #

    He, that’s funny – I just went to Darmstadt last weekend,
    to attend one of the Firefox 2 release parties, at the
    university (playing the role of the oppressed SeaMonkey
    minority ;-). Didn’t see much of the city itself though…

    Have a good time there!

  4. rick752 · 2006-11-12 20:04 · #

    “Online translators suck, rick752. ^^ :P”

    Well, I gave it my best shot … :-)

  5. fwolf · 2006-11-16 01:36 · #

    @rick: vergiss es. wenigstens kann ich TATSÄCHLICH deutsch :-P
    but you may ask me for manual translations ;)

    @wladimir: well, if you get near Karlsruhe by any chance, just send me a hint before that happens ;)

    cu, w0lf.

  6. iNsuRRecTiON · 2006-11-19 05:48 · #


    dann viel Spaß hier, ich komme aus der Nähe, Wiesbaden, liegt auch in Hessen, ist sogar die Hauptstadt ^^



  7. praxis22 · 2006-12-03 17:07 · #

    Coming to Darmstadt eh? What do you think of the Christmas markt? My wife is a big fan of the langosch from Gyonk, though she’s distressed by the lack of mushrooms this year… :)

  8. @fwolf · 2006-12-11 05:28 · #

    Does what you said to rick752 mean:

    Forget it. At least I know ACTUAL German.


    Got it from google translate :)

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