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Overview of my bug reports on add-on performance measurements · 2011-04-09 19:52 by Wladimir Palant

In a comment to my previous blog post Jorge Villalobos asked me to file bugs on everything I think is wrong with the add-on performance measurements. So that’s what I did. The resulting list is long and I didn’t feel like creating a tracking bug so I better list the bugs in a blog post so that everybody (especially me) can find them.

By the way, Nils Maier’s comment in my previous blog post is worth reading. I think Nils got a point here.

Bug 647954 – When extracting add-ons files should be written in binary mode
Bug 648222 – Talos needs to enforce browser shutdown when testing add-on performance
Bug 648225 – Performance of platform-dependent add-ons is not tested
Bug 648229 – Compatibility info of the add-ons isn’t properly considered during performance testing
Bug 648732 – Testing add-ons unpacked creates unrealistic results
Bug 648734 – Effect of measurement fluctuations on Talos should be minimized
Bug 648737 – Add-on developers need access to the raw results of performance measurements
Bug 648742 – Displaying percentage values for ‘slowness’ is misleading
Bug 648745 – The boundary of 5% for slow add-ons is arbitrary
Bug 648749 – Talos should capture error console output in the logs
Bug 648751 – Performance results with negative impact on some platforms should not be suppressed
Bug 648752 – Add-ons causing higher real-world slowdown than measured on Talos need to be recognized
Bug 648793 – Test results for Download Statusbar on OS X are unrealistically low

Also, there is a bug report filed by Dave Garrett:

Bug 647398 – Performance dashboard needs to state that it’s listing popular extensions only

Update: Nils Maier created that tracking bug for me:

Bug 648784 – Addon Slow Startup tests tracking bug


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  1. Dan · 2011-04-09 20:23 · #

    Well done for being proactive on this! I hope Mozilla appreciate the effort.

  2. geeknik · 2011-04-09 22:38 · #

    Good job! =)

  3. Nils Maier · 2011-04-10 01:30 · #

    Felt the need for a tracking bug:

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