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Thunderbird, first impressions · 2006-09-23 04:55 by Wladimir Palant

I have been experimenting with Adblock Plus in Thunderbird (large parts of the user interface work already, I’ll release a development build soon). It looks like I might stop using “Simplified HTML” + “Block loading of remote images”, a setup I have been using for over three years. But maybe now I can finally enjoy reading RSS feeds with images. Here are my first two Thunderbird filters:


I think I’ll block all images as well later and only allow them for some feeds.

I also created an element hiding rule — you can do this with emails and RSS feeds now! Sadly, it isn’t possible to limit the rule to a “domain” (which would be the sender’s address in this case).

There is one annoying issue and I’m not sure yet how I want to deal with it — the keyboard shortcut for the preferences dialog (Ctrl-Shift-A) is already taken in Thunderbird (see Edit / Select / Thread). I don’t feel like changing default keyboard shortcuts in Adblock Plus (again), neither do I want to use a different shortcut in Thunderbird. But I don’t want to kill the shortcut for Select Thread either.


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  1. alta88 · 2006-09-23 22:10 · #

    terrific wp. working as expected so far in both Tb1.5.07 and 2.0b1(20060912) in brief tests, with rick’s list.

    with the exception of the icon. option is on to display in both toolbar and statusbar, but it’s not found in Customize nor in statusbar.. no console errors that seem ABP related.

    rss is a struggle in Tb, this helps in one way at least. perhaps a forum thread to expand the audience?

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Forum – a little later, when it is working a little better. The holdup right now is site whitelisting, it is tricky. Everything else works more or less.

  2. joe · 2007-06-16 00:42 · #

    How implement the above line of code within Thunderbird? I want to exclude all the icons from craigslist searches in RSS feeds so I don’t need to scroll down for each ad.

    If easy enough , i will modify the above code to fit my situation.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Not sure what you want to achieve but by now I have "*" as my only blocking filter in Thunderbird. And then I have some exceptions like "@@|*$image". You also have to know that the feeds where you load the web page instead of displaying the summary are actually an iframe in the HTML code of the “mail”. This means that you have to add exceptions there as well to allow these frames to load, like "@@|*$subdocument".

    If that’s not what you wanted to know I suggest you move the discussion into the forum.

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