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Upgraded to Textpattern 4.0.4 · 2006-11-05 23:05 by Wladimir Palant

Textpattern 4.0.4 has been released and now I upgraded this site. RSS encoding issues have been fixed so that I could drop one of my patches — good. Textpattern now has what looks like decent support for the Last-Modified header, yet it shows the date when anything has been changed anywhere on the server — could be better. Some forms will probably need to be changed, I already had to tweak the comments display. But what I am mostly worried about are the changes to the Textile markup module which is the most fragile part of the whole application. Right now the HTML code of the pages is cached but once I start editing them I’ll probably have to fight invalid markup again. Please watch out for anything on this site that isn’t working/showing up as it should and drop me a mail if you notice something.



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