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What you can block with Adblock Plus, part 1 · 2018-02-08 14:45 by Ben Williams

We haven’t published a list of all the things that Adblock Plus blocks … ever, really. So we thought it was time to remind our users and tell those who haven’t decided to employ an ad blocker yet, of all the ins and outs of ad blocking and exactly what we protect users from in the big bad world of online advertising. Remember, we started out focused on blocking ads on desktops and laptops, but can be used to block a virtually limitless amount of elements on an ever-expanding amount of devices. For instance, our mobile ad-blocking program recently started taking off by closing the year out with 15 million new downloads on Android mobile devices.

Some of the more obscure uses of Adblock Plus get lost in the ether. Like, did you know you can enable it in privacy/ghost mode on your computer?

What never gets forgotten is the function that’s wrapped up in the name: blocking ads. That’s what this post is about, so below we’ve listed just some of the many ads you can block with Adblock Plus.

(Just a few) ads you can block with ABP

… and lots more. Speaking of interstitials, stay tuned for a video, “WTF is an interstitial?”, which’ll be coming soon in the next installment of what you can block with Adblock Plus.

P.S., have a use for ABP that only you know about? Did you write a special filter list or modify blocking rules in some awesome way, like getting rid of all those inter-animal it’s-so-cute videos? Let us know @AdblockPlus

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  1. Sluge · 2018-02-09 09:01 · #

    My set of filters that blocks annoying popups “Please give your phone number and we’ll callback”

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