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Firefox Sync support added · 2011-05-31 18:51 by Wladimir Palant

Firefox Sync support is a feature that has been under development for the past two years. It seems that we finally have something that is stable enough to be included in Adblock Plus, you can test it in Adblock Plus 1.3.9a.3030. Please note that we now support Sync both for desktop and mobile Firefox versions and that it will become the preferred way of getting complicated Adblock Plus settings over to Firefox Mobile (Adblock Plus user interface on mobile is very minimalistic and doesn’t allow configuring anything complicated directly).


  • This feature is still very experimental.
  • Syncing Adblock Plus filters isn’t switched on by default even if Firefox Sync is configured. You need to go to the Adblock Plus menu and enable “Sync Adblock Plus settings” under “Options”.
  • The option will only be visible if the browser supports Sync and Sync is set up. In Firefox 3.5/3.6 you will need to install the Firefox Sync extension.
  • At this point, Sync does not create an exact copy of the Adblock Plus settings. Order of filters/subscriptions isn’t synced, neither are hit counts. Disabled filters in filter subscriptions will not be disabled in the remote system (a disabled custom filter on the other hand will be disabled).
  • If changes to filter/subscription are made both locally and remotely (merge conflict) local changes always win.

Another notable change in this development build: Adblock Plus icons have been updated (forum topic).

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