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Release candidate for Adblock Plus 2.0 available · 2011-12-09 13:54 by Wladimir Palant

All the necessary changes are done and the development builds starting with Adblock Plus 2.0rc.3323 are release candidates for Adblock Plus 2.0. If everything goes well it will be released on Monday.

Changes since the previous announcement:

  • Adblock Plus options are now displayed directly on its page in Add-ons Manager (in Firefox 7 and above, in older versions the Options button opens toolbar icon’s menu).
  • Changed the way the toolbar icon is being hidden, now it can always be brought back via toolbar customization.
  • Status bar icon is no longer being displayed in Firefox version with add-on bar (there is no real status bar).
  • List of blockable items can now be searched both by localized type name as well as by the corresponding filter option (forum topic).
  • When recommended subscriptions are being added the language no longer becomes part of the subscription title.
  • An “Adblock Plus” menu has been added to the classic Tools menu for reasons of keyboard accessibility, the Adblock Plus menu entry in the View menu has been removed.
  • Added a warning if a subscription contains disabled filters (forum topic).
  • Fixed: Don’t create new filter groups for filters being added if a user-defined group is already available (forum topic).
  • Fixed: Using context menu prevents a memory compartment from being released (forum topic).
  • Lots of polishing, especially on the new Filter Preferences dialog.

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  1. Sven · 2011-12-09 17:44 · #

    Works as expected so far, I really like the new filter preferences window.

    PS: German translation is not finished 100%.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    A bunch of translations aren’t done yet. I will finish German and Russian on Monday.

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