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 NAdblockPlusMain namespace of libadblockplus
 CActiveObjectThe implementation of active object pattern, simply put it sequentially executes posted callable objects in a single background thread
 CAppInfoInformation about the app using libadblockplus
 CAsyncExecutorSpawns a new thread for each task and waits for finishing of all spawned threads in the destructor
 CDefaultLogSystemLogSystem implementation that writes messages to stderr
 CDefaultPlatformBuilderA helper class allowing to construct a default Platform and to obtain the Scheduler used by Platform before the latter is constructed
 CFilterWrapper for an Adblock Plus filter object
 CFilterEngineMain component of libadblockplus
 CCreationParametersFilterEngine creation parameters
 CIFileSystemFile system interface
 CStatResultResult of a stat operation, i.e. information about a file
 CITimerTimer manager interface
 CIV8IsolateProviderProvides with isolate
 CIWebRequestWeb request interface used to implement XMLHttpRequest
 CIWebRequestSyncPrivate functionality
 CJsEngineJavaScript engine used by FilterEngine, wraps v8
 CJsWeakValuesIDAn opaque structure representing ID of stored JsValueList
 CJsValueWrapper for JavaScript values
 CLogSystemLogging interface
 CNotificationWrapper for an Adblock Plus notification object
 CNotificationTextsContains notification title and message
 COptionalAsyncExecutorThis class provides the same interface as AsyncExecutor but allows in a thread-safe manner invalidate internally held implementation of AsyncExecutor
 CPlatformAdblockPlus platform is the main component providing access to other modules
 CCreationParametersPlatform creation parameters
 CReferrerMappingStores a mapping between URLs and their referrers
 CServerResponseHTTP response
 CSubscriptionWrapper for a subscription object
 CSynchronizedCollectionWrapper around Container providing few generic methods which ensure that the underlying container is accessed only by one thread at the same time