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AdblockPlus::Platform Class Reference

AdblockPlus platform is the main component providing access to other modules. More...

#include <Platform.h>


struct  CreationParameters
 Platform creation parameters. More...

Public Types

typedef std::function< void(const
FilterEngine &)> 
 Callback type invoked when FilterEngine is created.
typedef std::function< void(ITimer &)> WithTimerCallback
typedef std::function< void(IFileSystem &)> WithFileSystemCallback
typedef std::function< void(IWebRequest &)> WithWebRequestCallback
typedef std::function< void(LogSystem &)> WithLogSystemCallback

Public Member Functions

 Platform (CreationParameters &&creationParameters=CreationParameters())
 Platform constructor. More...
void SetUpJsEngine (const AppInfo &appInfo=AppInfo(), std::unique_ptr< IV8IsolateProvider > isolate=nullptr)
 Ensures that JsEngine is constructed. More...
JsEngineGetJsEngine ()
 Retrieves the JsEngine instance. More...
void CreateFilterEngineAsync (const FilterEngine::CreationParameters &parameters=FilterEngine::CreationParameters(), const OnFilterEngineCreatedCallback &onCreated=OnFilterEngineCreatedCallback())
 Ensures that FilterEngine is constructed. More...
FilterEngineGetFilterEngine ()
 Synchronous equivalent of CreateFilterEngineAsync. More...
virtual void WithTimer (const WithTimerCallback &)
virtual void WithFileSystem (const WithFileSystemCallback &)
virtual void WithWebRequest (const WithWebRequestCallback &)
virtual void WithLogSystem (const WithLogSystemCallback &)

Protected Attributes

LogSystemPtr logSystem
TimerPtr timer
FileSystemPtr fileSystem
WebRequestPtr webRequest

Detailed Description

AdblockPlus platform is the main component providing access to other modules.

It manages the functionality modules, e.g. JsEngine and FilterEngine as well as allows to correctly work with asynchronous functionality.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AdblockPlus::Platform::Platform ( CreationParameters &&  creationParameters = CreationParameters())

Platform constructor.

When a parameter value is nullptr the corresponding default implementation is chosen.

Member Function Documentation

void AdblockPlus::Platform::CreateFilterEngineAsync ( const FilterEngine::CreationParameters parameters = FilterEngine::CreationParameters(),
const OnFilterEngineCreatedCallback onCreated = OnFilterEngineCreatedCallback() 

Ensures that FilterEngine is constructed.

Only the first call is effective.

parametersoptional creation parameters.
onCreatedA callback which is called when FilterEngine is ready for use.
FilterEngine& AdblockPlus::Platform::GetFilterEngine ( )

Synchronous equivalent of CreateFilterEngineAsync.

Internally it blocks and waits for finishing of certain asynchronous operations, please ensure that provided implementation does not lead to a dead lock.

JsEngine& AdblockPlus::Platform::GetJsEngine ( )

Retrieves the JsEngine instance.

It calls SetUpJsEngine if JsEngine is not initialized yet.

void AdblockPlus::Platform::SetUpJsEngine ( const AppInfo appInfo = AppInfo(),
std::unique_ptr< IV8IsolateProvider isolate = nullptr 

Ensures that JsEngine is constructed.

If JsEngine is already present then the parameters are ignored.

appInfoInformation about the app,
isolateA provider of v8::Isolate, if the value is nullptr then a default implementation is used.

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