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 CAdblockPlus::ActiveObjectThe implementation of active object pattern, simply put it sequentially executes posted callable objects in a single background thread
 CAdblockPlus::AppInfoInformation about the app using libadblockplus
 CAdblockPlus::AsyncExecutorSpawns a new thread for each task and waits for finishing of all spawned threads in the destructor
 CAdblockPlus::FilterEngine::CreationParametersFilterEngine creation parameters
 CAdblockPlus::Platform::CreationParametersPlatform creation parameters
 CAdblockPlus::DefaultPlatformBuilderA helper class allowing to construct a default Platform and to obtain the Scheduler used by Platform before the latter is constructed
 CAdblockPlus::JsEngineJavaScript engine used by FilterEngine, wraps v8
 CAdblockPlus::FilterEngineMain component of libadblockplus
 Cv8::FunctionCallbackInfo< T >
 Cv8::Global< T >
 CAdblockPlus::IFileSystemFile system interface
 CAdblockPlus::ITimerTimer manager interface
 CAdblockPlus::IV8IsolateProviderProvides with isolate
 CAdblockPlus::IWebRequestWeb request interface used to implement XMLHttpRequest
 CAdblockPlus::IWebRequestSyncPrivate functionality
 CAdblockPlus::JsValueWrapper for JavaScript values
 CAdblockPlus::FilterWrapper for an Adblock Plus filter object
 CAdblockPlus::NotificationWrapper for an Adblock Plus notification object
 CAdblockPlus::SubscriptionWrapper for a subscription object
 CAdblockPlus::JsEngine::JsWeakValuesIDAn opaque structure representing ID of stored JsValueList
 Cv8::Local< T >
 CAdblockPlus::LogSystemLogging interface
 CAdblockPlus::DefaultLogSystemLogSystem implementation that writes messages to stderr
 CAdblockPlus::NotificationTextsContains notification title and message
 CAdblockPlus::OptionalAsyncExecutorThis class provides the same interface as AsyncExecutor but allows in a thread-safe manner invalidate internally held implementation of AsyncExecutor
 CAdblockPlus::PlatformAdblockPlus platform is the main component providing access to other modules
 CAdblockPlus::ReferrerMappingStores a mapping between URLs and their referrers
 CAdblockPlus::ServerResponseHTTP response
 CAdblockPlus::IFileSystem::StatResultResult of a stat operation, i.e. information about a file
 CAdblockPlus::SynchronizedCollection< TContainer >Wrapper around Container providing few generic methods which ensure that the underlying container is accessed only by one thread at the same time
 CAdblockPlus::SynchronizedCollection< std::list< Call > >