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AdblockPlus Namespace Reference

Main namespace of libadblockplus. More...


class  ActiveObject
 The implementation of active object pattern, simply put it sequentially executes posted callable objects in a single background thread. More...
struct  AppInfo
 Information about the app using libadblockplus. More...
class  AsyncExecutor
 Spawns a new thread for each task and waits for finishing of all spawned threads in the destructor. More...
class  DefaultLogSystem
 LogSystem implementation that writes messages to stderr. More...
class  DefaultPlatformBuilder
 A helper class allowing to construct a default Platform and to obtain the Scheduler used by Platform before the latter is constructed. More...
class  Filter
 Wrapper for an Adblock Plus filter object. More...
class  FilterEngine
 Main component of libadblockplus. More...
class  IFileSystem
 File system interface. More...
struct  ITimer
 Timer manager interface. More...
struct  IV8IsolateProvider
 Provides with isolate. More...
struct  IWebRequest
 Web request interface used to implement XMLHttpRequest. More...
struct  IWebRequestSync
 Private functionality. More...
class  JsEngine
 JavaScript engine used by FilterEngine, wraps v8. More...
class  JsValue
 Wrapper for JavaScript values. More...
class  LogSystem
 Logging interface. More...
class  Notification
 Wrapper for an Adblock Plus notification object. More...
struct  NotificationTexts
 Contains notification title and message. More...
class  OptionalAsyncExecutor
 This class provides the same interface as AsyncExecutor but allows in a thread-safe manner invalidate internally held implementation of AsyncExecutor. More...
class  Platform
 AdblockPlus platform is the main component providing access to other modules. More...
class  ReferrerMapping
 Stores a mapping between URLs and their referrers. More...
struct  ServerResponse
 HTTP response. More...
class  Subscription
 Wrapper for a subscription object. More...
class  SynchronizedCollection
 Wrapper around Container providing few generic methods which ensure that the underlying container is accessed only by one thread at the same time. More...


typedef std::shared_ptr
< FilterEngine
typedef std::unique_ptr< FilterFilterPtr
 A smart pointer to a Filter instance.
typedef std::unique_ptr
< IFileSystem
 Unique smart pointer to to a IFileSystem instance.
typedef std::unique_ptr< ITimerTimerPtr
 Unique smart pointer to an instance of ITimer implementation.
typedef std::vector< std::pair
< std::string, std::string > > 
 List of HTTP headers.
typedef std::unique_ptr
< IWebRequest
 Unique smart pointer to an instance of IWebRequest implementation.
typedef std::unique_ptr
< IWebRequestSync
typedef std::shared_ptr< JsEngineJsEnginePtr
 Shared smart pointer to a JsEngine instance.
typedef IFileSystem::IOBuffer StringBuffer
typedef std::vector
< AdblockPlus::JsValue
 List of JavaScript values.
typedef std::unique_ptr
< LogSystem
 Smart pointer to a LogSystem instance.
typedef std::function< void()> SchedulerTask
 Task object which can be passed to Scheduler to be executed asynchronously.
typedef std::function< void(const
SchedulerTask &)> 
 Scheduler object executing tasks asynchronously.


 Possible notification types.

Detailed Description

Main namespace of libadblockplus.