Adblock Plus is a mess want old Adblock back

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Adblock Plus is a mess want old Adblock back

Postby Bernadine » Sat Jun 06, 2020 11:37 am


I emailed to last week and am still waiting for a reply.

From last week: Somehow I got Adblock Plus and it's been nothing but trouble. First I noticed ads appeared that had never been there before, then it kept opening new windows about just downloading ABP and it won't keep my settings. This ABP Plus is a MESS.

1. It won't keep my settings.

2. Right now I have no fewer than 5 "Installation" tabs in my browser. How do I make them STOP? It started after this last time that I updated your program.

3. Right now I don't even know if it's working right. How can I go back to the last version that didn't foul up?

Today, one week later, I went to Firefox website and was going to download to plain old Adblock but that page said it was not monitored. So I went to the Mozilla website. When I clicked on "Recommended extensions may also be found while browsing with FF...." it took me to a page that didn't have anything about AdBlock. Over an hour later, I ended up right back where I started from. I'm exhausted and I give up trying to follow links that take me back again and trying to describe how it's taking me round in circles. How do I go back to the old AdBlock? It worked well for me, didn't make me reset every time I open my browser and actually blocked ads. Firefox, Windows 8.1 latest versions. Please reply in simple English I am a senior and techy words just make my head swim and my eyes cross. If someone replies and I don't reply back, it may be that I can't get on the internet, the wifi here is lousy at best and most of the time, not at all. And it's not the reason Adblock Plus is messing up. I try to get on the internet several times a day, if someone replies I will reply as soon as I can. Don't give up on me.
Thanks, Bernadine
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Re: Adblock Plus is a mess want old Adblock back

Postby easton90 » Mon Jul 06, 2020 1:25 pm

I tried to open and remove adds of this website:
But clearly there is no effect and, I dont know it is happening, Can anyone help?
Am I Missing something?
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