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Postby powerfreak » Tue Jul 17, 2007 4:50 am

I am a parent and I want to block ALL access to porn images or movies files sites etc. what is the best way?

The software I have allows you to change the access I want to block it FOREVER.

Any ideas? :x
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Postby guesty » Wed Jul 25, 2007 5:40 am

Nothing blocks porn "FOREVER"

Kids will grow older and find away around filters.

You could set up adblock filters that screen out instances of profannity in image and page locations and popular porn slang, that would go a long way.

You could install Stylish on Firefox and create CSS to collapse porn domains and porn images, as well as make links disappear as well. A stylesheet would look something like this:

Code: Select all
@namespace url(;
[href*="porn"], [src*="porn"], [name*="porn"], [class*="porn"], [id*="porn"], [data*="porn"], [action*="porn"], [codebase*="porn"],
[href*="pr0n"], [src*="pr0n"], [name*="pr0n"], [class*="pr0n"], [id*="pr0n"], [data*="pr0n"], [action*="pr0n"], [codebase*="pr0n"],
[href*="sex"], [src*="sex"], [name*="sex"], [class*="sex"], [id*="sex"], [data*="sex"], [action*="sex"], [codebase*="sex"],
[href*="xxx"], [src*="xxx"], [name*="xxx"], [class*="xxx"], [id*="xxx"], [data*="xxx"], [action*="xxx"], [codebase*="xxx"],
[href*="fuck"], [src*="fuck"], [name*="fuck"], [class*="fuck"], [id*="fuck"], [data*="fuck"], [action*="fuck"], [codebase*="fuck"],
[href*="shit"], [src*="shit"], [name*="shit"], [class*="shit"], [id*="shit"], [data*="shit"], [action*="shit"], [codebase*="shit"],
[href*="scat"], [src*="scat"], [name*="scat"], [class*="scat"], [id*="scat"], [data*="scat"], [action*="scat"], [codebase*="scat"],
[href*="pussies"], [src*="pussies"], [name*="pussies"], [class*="pussies"], [id*="pussies"], [data*="pussies"], [action*="pussies"], [codebase*="pussies"],
[href*="cocks"], [src*="cocks"], [name*="cocks"], [class*="cocks"], [id*="cocks"], [data*="cocks"], [action*="cocks"], [codebase*="cocks"],
[href*="examledomain"], [src*="examledomain"], [name*="examledomain"], [class*="examledomain"], [id*="examledomain"], [data*="examledomain"], [action*="examledomain"], [codebase*="examledomain"],
[href*="examledomain"], [src*="examledomain"], [name*="examledomain"], [class*="examledomain"], [id*="examledomain"], [data*="examledomain"], [action*="examledomain"], [codebase*="examledomain"],
[href*="examledomain"], [src*="examledomain"], [name*="examledomain"], [class*="examledomain"], [id*="examledomain"], [data*="examledomain"], [action*="examledomain"], [codebase*="examledomain"]
display: none !important;
@-moz-document domain(,  domain(,  domain(, url-prefix(http://porn), url-prefix(http://sex), (url-prefix(another-example)
* { display: none !important; }

It can get quite lengthy, but the results can be quite worth it.
If you just keep the adblock plus icon and stylish icon off of the status bar or toolbars, and your kids are young enough, this will work for quite a while.

Postby mrbene » Fri Jul 27, 2007 11:06 pm


- You'll end up blocking informational sites as well - those that deal with safe sex, sexual health, the types of questions that may be awkward.
- You'll end up blocking completely unrelated material - it's that dolphin "purity test", a picture of a vase with dolphins that look just like dolphins unless you're an adult, in which case it looks like a couple in an explicit pose.
- If the filter set is discovered, you'll have provided a heap of new words for your child to learn.

I'm much more of the "computer in a public location, talk about what you've browsed," type person. Preemptive backups and sitting or walking the kid through recovering from a massive ad-ware and virus infection removal is a good deterrent.
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Postby ecjs » Thu Jan 03, 2008 6:34 pm

This software is great for blocking all sorts of threat on the internet. You just have to choose which categories you want to block. Just remember to ask for a free licence before installing the software, and then remember your password.
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Postby IceDogg » Thu Jan 03, 2008 6:55 pm

I've never tried it and know nothing about it, but you might check into Glubble
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Postby anon » Sun Jan 06, 2008 1:25 pm

This could also be of interest

I use openDNS only for DNS resolving so i can't comment on the quality of their other features.

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