Adblock Plus 0.5.7 Release Notes

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Adblock Plus 0.5.7 Release Notes

Postby mcm » Mon Jun 20, 2005 11:32 am

Adblock Plus 0.5.7

New Features:
  1. Added ability to block <DIV> elements, credit to Rueschi.
  2. Added a new About dialog, available under help.

  1. Installation on Mozilla now works. Deinstall menu option will now only appear for Mozilla.
  2. Fixed install issue under Linux.
  3. Fixed error in javascript console that's caused after opening extensions manager.
  4. Fixed issue where synchronization was incomplete with big filter list files, credit to lymanepp.
  5. Fixed links on Getting Started intermittently not working, credit to twanno.
  6. Fixed an error where after a page was blocked by site blocking the tab became unusable.
  7. Changed default filters to prevent false positives on Yahoo Mail.

Added Locales:
  1. Russian locale (thanks to ArtLonger)
  2. German locale (thanks to Calain)
  3. Dutch locale (thanks to Tjaard)
  4. French locale (thanks to Jojaba)
  5. Taiwanese locale (thanks to Jose Sun)
  6. Japanese locale (thanks to Anonymous)

Known Issues:
  1. Doesn't install on Netscape 8.
  2. Always uses en-US locale on Mozilla.
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