Adblock Plus 0.5.9 Release Notes

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Adblock Plus 0.5.9 Release Notes

Postby mcm » Tue Aug 02, 2005 1:57 am

Adblock Plus 0.5.9

New Features:
  1. Switching between icon and text status bar display no longer requires a restart.
  2. The toolbar button is now independent and can be used alongside the status bar icon/text.
  3. Sorting Adblockable-Items alphabetically now persists between sessions.
  4. Automatic synchronization frequency has been reduced to every two days if synchronizing with a website.

  1. Removed a script from an XUL file that has been the cause of numerous problems with the last release.
  2. Fixed position of the status bar icon/text not being saved after moving it upon restarting.
  3. Fixed repainting issue when using the scroll wheel on the filter list with Deer Park Alpha, thanks to polidobj & Harald.L.
  4. Exported filters now use correct linebreak for the running system.
  5. Partial workaround for Bug 274425, Firefox's top crasher.

Added Locales:
  1. Added the Hungarian locale (thanks to KAMI)
  2. Added the Spanish locale (thanks to Proyecto)

Known Issues:
  1. Doesn't install on Netscape 8.
  2. Always uses en-US locale on Mozilla, see Bug 216489.
  3. Site blocking doesn't display replacement html page (from official). Temporary fix displays an alert box instead.
  4. DIVs will intermittently not be listed or blocked using trunk builds, see Bug 300065.
  5. Adblock causes to stall for a long time.
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