Read this first in case of problems in Firefox or Seamonkey

Everything about using Adblock Plus on Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

Read this first in case of problems in Firefox or Seamonkey

Postby Gingerbread Man » Fri Mar 28, 2014 11:10 am

Error when trying to install ABP from
If you try to install ABP from and get an error like this:
"Could not be downloaded because of connection failure on adblockplus."
==> install ABP from mozilla store:

I. Some ads are not blocked, or things are blocked but shouldn't be
  1. By default, Adblock Plus will only block intrusive ads. That means on some sites you will see non-intrusive ads, like text ads on Google Search.
    If you don't want to see any ads whatsoever, click the Adblock Plus icon on the toolbar and choose Filter Preferences. Click the Filter Subscriptions tab and clear the checkbox next to the "Allow some non-intrusive advertising" option.
  2. If you're having a different problem, first update your filter subscriptions manually.
  3. Click the Adblock Plus icon on the toolbar and choose Filter Preferences. Click the Custom Filters tab and clear the checkbox next to every category there.
  4. Reload the page that was giving you trouble before. If the problem persists, file a filter issue report, then start a new thread in the Filters forum and post the link to the report in your message.

II. Frequent pop-ups and suspicious ads
Adblock Plus can't be expected to function correctly on a system infested with malware. The Malware Blocking feature (Malware Domains filter subscription) is not a substitute for security software. Check if you have a malware problem as described below.

III. In Seamonkey, images don't load anywhere, or just on specific sites
  1. Open the Edit menu and choose Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences window, expand the Privacy & Security category and choose Images.
  3. Check your global image loading settings under "Image Acceptance Policy". Also check the settings per-site by clicking the Manage Permissions button.
IV. All problems
Many problems can be caused by other add-ons, user preferences or corrupt files in the profile folder. The simplest way to check if that's the case is to start in a new profile, install Adblock Plus and see how it performs there.
    To launch the profile manager in Seamonkey, open the Tools menu and choose Switch Profile.
  2. If the problem isn't present in a new profile, you can return to your regular profile and use the Reset Firefox to start over with just your essential data.
    There's no equivalent reset feature in Seamonkey. You can manually transfer data between profiles, but don't copy your add-ons or preferences.
  3. Keep in mind that a new profile with the same add-ons and preferences as before is likely to experience the same problems. If you suspect another add-on is causing problems when used alongside Adblock Plus, start a new thread about it so other people can test.
V. Bugs and feature requests
Both bugs and suggestions for improvement can be filed in the issue tracker. A bug is a design flaw that makes Adblock Plus perform inappropriately. As explained above, problems caused by filters or malware are not bugs in Adblock Plus. Before filing a new report, please make sure that's not the kind of problem you're dealing with, and check that the issue hasn't already been reported.
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