Font issue on the new Firefox 57/ABP 3

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Font issue on the new Firefox 57/ABP 3

Postby IBM5170 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:28 am

After automatic update to the stupid, buggy and ugly Firefox 57, old good ABP has been updated to same as FF 57 "not good" ABP 3.0.1.
I found that fonts on the setting page are invalid.
This may be caused by "elderly" profile (it didn't purged since FF 3.5RC2, and all the time up to the last normal version of FF worked okay with all my cookies, passwords, extensions, bookmarks, etc, moving to a new profile will be like restarting my life from zero :) ). I didn't try to made new profile, I simply set 80% scale, and all begin to appear normally. It's a fix for this bug. :)
I can send any debugging information on demand, if it will be required.

OS: Win7 x64 SP1
FF: x64
ABP: 3.0.1
Display: 1024x768 15" (screen font DPI & desktop theme are default) on H67/IvyBridge integrated video ( + DirectX 11.0).
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