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ABP blocks "Share link" in Nextcloud

PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 2:13 pm
by a1x
System: Win 7 64bit, Firefox 64.0.2, ABP 3.4.3, German

ABP blocks the "Share link" (German: "Link teilen") function in Nextcloud. If turning off "Blockieren von Tracking mittels Social-Media-Symbolen" (Block tracking via social media symbols) in the ABP settings, Nextcloud is working again.

Re: ABP blocks "Share link" in Nextcloud

PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2020 5:36 pm
by kolAflash
"Block additional tracking" will make the "Share" button in NextCloud disappear.

Here's the NextCloud issue for this.

You can use this public NextCloud installation for testing.
Nevertheless don't forget: This affects every NextCloud installation, not just *