Antiadblock with browser message?

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Antiadblock with browser message?

Postby asdfadf » Sat Oct 26, 2019 10:49 pm

On podcast episode pages (ex: ... ologetics/ ) I get a message which looks like a browser message (the same one used for "do you want Firefox to remember your password for this site" "do you want to share your location" etc.) telling me to turn off my ad blocker for all features. Attached are screenshots of this in Palemoon (Firefox branch) and Chromium (Chrome branch). I'm subscribed to a number of filter lists, including Adblock Warning Removal List, AdGuard Base List, and EasyList. This script/element/whatever pops up that box with every page visit and hides the episode download button.

What filter can I use / should I try to get rid of these? My goal is to be able to download the episodes and not have to click "ok" with every page visit.
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Re: Antiadblock with browser message?

Postby chichi » Mon Nov 04, 2019 11:05 am


Unfortunately, we can't see the images you sent. Do you mean the sites that ask you to disable your adblocker? Unfortunately, we can't block these at the moment but we'll keep investigating ways of solving this issue and encouraging websites to embrace other non-intrusive ways of monetizing.

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