[Bug] Permanent I/O activities

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[Bug] Permanent I/O activities

Postby Sworddragon » Fri Jan 31, 2020 5:46 pm

System information:

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Operating system:     Windows 10 Professional version 1909 (64 bit)
Browser:              Firefox 72.0.2
Adblock Plus version: 3.7
Filter lists:         Easy List (upstream), Easy List Germany (upstream), Easy Privacy (upstream)
Important settings:   Permanent private browsing mode is enabled in Firefox; Automatic filter list updates are disabled in Adblock Plus

Description of the issue:

I noticed permanent HDD activities on my system and on trying to figure out the cause with Windows's resource monitor it revealed that Adblock Plus is permanently writing into Firefox's roaming profile to \storage\default\moz-extension+++23d3c6c5-32de-403a-9637-9ef79ab36ea6^userContextId=4294967295\idb\3647222921wleabcEoxlt-eengsairo.sqlite . While I can't fully confirm this in this short time of testing but having a website open (for example https://www.twitch.tv/directory ) seems to increase this issue. Disabling Adblock Plus fully resolves this issue and changes the permanent I/O activities to very minor ones.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Apply the reported system configuration as close as possible.
2. Open Firefox and go to https://www.twitch.tv/directory .
3. Monitor your disk activities (for example with Windows's resource monitor).

Expected result:

The HDD should be mostly silent on idle.

Actual result:

The disk is busy writing 50+% of the time.

Additional details:

This problem became noticeable to me recently after an upgrade of my desktop system which caused it close to be silent on idle. Sometimes there are breaks of a few seconds between new disk activities and rarely this can be up to around a minute. I'm also quite a bit curious why Adblock Plus is permanently writing to this database in this setup and what it is actually writing into it all the time.

Edit: I just noticed now that there is a new bugtracker so I just forwarded this issue to https://gitlab.com/eyeo/adblockplus/adb ... issues/140 .
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Re: [Bug] Permanent I/O activities

Postby sbell » Thu Feb 06, 2020 5:28 pm

@Swordragon Thanks a million for reporting this! Great step in submitting the issue in gitlab. Our team will review the details and work on a solution. Have a GREAT day!

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