Email via firefox is blank

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Email via firefox is blank

Postby khaldrogo » Wed Apr 14, 2021 5:48 am

I send out gmails with an image and formatted text to customers several times a day. A small percent say the get a blank mail. Searching the web there are some clues that this might be due to ADP but I am unfamiliar with the rules system used there. I sent a mail to myself which I opened in Firefox and it is indeed blank. Is there a way to prove this is ADP causing the issue?
Happy to send a copy of the email to anyone interested in helping here.
Probably should have done this first. I just removed ADP from my Firefox add-ons and rebooted it and then sent a new gmail to it and it is still blank. Now only hope is someone who visits here can point me to either Firefox or Google for the answer.
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