Read first if you still see ads on Chrome

Everything about using Adblock Plus on Google Chrome

Read first if you still see ads on Chrome

Postby MonztA » Thu Mar 06, 2014 4:33 pm

If you get network error on ABP installing see viewtopic.php?p=102370#p102370

If you are experiencing problems on Chrome and advertisements are not being blocked, you can follow the next steps to solve the issue:

Step 0
  • check your filter lists ==> click ABP icon, options, "filter lists" tab, be sure to have easylist enabled
  • if you don't see easylist enabled click "add subscription" and choose easylist

continue if Step 0 does not work

Step 1 - Uninstall Adblock Plus:

  • On the top-right side of the screen: Go to Settings > Extensions > Image Remove from Chrome
  • Re-install it from the Adblock Plus website or from the store

Step 2 - If having troubleshooting with advertisements on Youtube continue to Step 2a, if facing troubleshooting in other pages skip to Step 2b.

Step 2a - If the steps above did not solve your problem and you are still seeing video advertisements on Youtube or other sites, check to see whether your PPAPI/NPAPI settings are right.

To check the PPAPI/NPAPI settings:

  • Go to on the URL bar and type “chrome://plugins
  • Click on details on the top-right part of the page
  • Press [Ctrl+F] and type “Adobe Flash” to find the plugin.
  • This should yield two results. From the two results, enable the one that says Type “PPAPI” and click on disable on the other Type (“NPAPI”). The settings should look like this (click to enlarge):


  • Restart Chrome

If after doing this, video advertisements are still visible, please report it here.

Step 2b - If you continue to see advertisements, then check your computer for malware.

Step 3 - It might be that another extension is interfering and preventing Adblock Plus to work properly. Try disabling all other extensions and check whether ads are being blocked then.

Step 4 - If neither of the solutions above work, then:
Reset chrome or create a new Chrome profile.

Other possible issue(s):

  • Adblock Plus cannot block ads on the startup page because Chrome loads the page before extensions. This is also most likely the cause of ads not being blocked when starting Chrome via the App Launcher.
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