Why does it never work?!

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Why does it never work?!

Postby listy6589 » Fri Apr 26, 2019 10:37 am

Why does it never work?! Disappointed.

I've tested hundreds of different add-ons AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, AdBlock Pro, uBlock Origin, AdGuard, AdMuncher, AdBlock Ultimate and WebsiteBlocker etc., HOST, Firewall and other tools.
I am trying to block the full URL address with the protection of opening a blank page with information about the blocking, but unfortunately it is impossible.
- NON-STOP Shows an empty page with information about blocking.
- NON-STOP Shows other information about the plugin instead of completely preventing opening anything
- I can only block an element, but not a fully specific URL (not a domain).
How to prevent open and show anything? How to do it?

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Example 2:
How to prevent open this test page?
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