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Re: [Added] Taboola ads

Postby squiros » Thu Oct 06, 2016 3:41 am

this is not specific to taboola, but this seems to be a great strategy for ad companies.

1. demonstrate strict compliance
2. revert to unacceptable

abp now needs to run a constant policing service of taboola and all taboola related sites. if i worked for taboola, i would simply and temporarily 'fix' the complaints on one site until the complaints subsided, then revert to non-compliant ads. in this way, you can keep 95% of the oversized ads 90% of the time. wait until adblock stops checking then immediately revert. this is the problem with the system, taboola will simply retract their compliant ads every 2 minutes. once an ABP employee confirms fix, they can simply revert within minutes. in fact, i doubt that there's a human being at all - it's likely a script that checks this forum and reverts every time there's a post. that way, when employees are notified via forum, when they check the posted site, it's an acceptable ad.

another strategy i would employ would be to arbitrarily load giant ads, maybe 5% of the time. people who post here complain, but most of the users will claim incorrect usage, taboola still gets to display their massive ads. this is a great strategy because if the user does any tweaking, the next reload will likely show the compliant ad - they're likely to think that they succeeded.

acceptable advertising is a great model for ABP. its exploitability is an unacceptable compromise for end users. publishers and their investors will see the giant ads and be happy. apb can claim absolution of culpability. end users are left wondering why 90% of their content is ads. in this war on ads, i considered ad block a true ally. it seems ABP is now neutral. disappointing, but understandable.
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Re: [Added] Taboola ads

Postby ChrisABP » Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:57 am

@squiros: thanks for thought experiment, but please use this forum for valid complaints.
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