Suspend Background Tabs conflict with Tab Stats

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Suspend Background Tabs conflict with Tab Stats

Postby therube » Sat May 12, 2012 3:51 pm

On installing SBT, in my regular profile (so with whatever extensions & however it was set up) the first thing I noticed was that

> Suspend Background Tabs breaks links at Planet Mozilla.

Links gave no indication (cursor change) that they were links when hovered, & you could not click on them, so no way to open a link.

And it seem to be that way & I could not change it, by changing windows or switching tabs or the like, & I did not want to restart my browser.
And I have not restarted.
(Though at some point, somewhere along the line that issue resolved itself?)

When I first noticed that issue, I created a new profile & installed SBT & loaded planet, & it worked, so then I figured some sort of extension conflict. So I start adding extensions in & restarting & checking planet. And planet is working as expected.

Then I get to Tab Stats.

> Conflict with Tab Stats addon.
> At some point, depending on order of install, browser restart ... Tab Stats will stop working.
> Extreme tab browsing,

And then with the two (SBT & TS, amongst others) installed, other oddities, like a non-restartless extension would install as if were restartless (as in there was no prompt to restart).

> With SBT & TS installed, Copy URL+ installs as if it were restartless, & then does not run, even after a restart.
Code: Select all
No chrome package registered for chrome://copyurlplus/skin/copyurlplus32.png

> If you remove SBT & Copy URL Plus, then reinstall Copy URL Plus, & then install SBT, then Copy URL Plus works.

"Planet" has always been a weird place & if I can duplicate the issue there I'll pop back.

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Re: Suspend Background Tabs conflict with Tab Stats

Postby therube » Tue May 29, 2012 4:34 pm

At the time of my original post, I was using tabstats 0.0.2.
I hadn't realized till today, that they put up an 0.0.3 version.
With tabstats 0.0.3, I am no longer seeing the issues mentioned above.

So, WFM.

Re: Suspend Background Tabs conflict with Tab Stats

Postby therube » Sat Jul 14, 2012 5:13 pm

I was looking through my extensions today, & noticed that I had SBT disabled.
Realizing, I clicked Enable.
Immediately I noticed that (forum) tabs that I opened as background tabs, when I did "open" them, they were not reacting, they were still "suspended".
I again look though my extensions & see that Tab Stats was still there & was enabled.
Disabled that, but no change. Still tabs opened as background tabs were suspended.

Having read some of the blog posts & some bug reports, figured I'd remove all my restartless extensions (ABP, SBT, & Tab Stats), Quit, restart, then add them back in.

On doing so, initially all appeared OK, everything looked to be working as expected.

But then a short while later, I'm running into the same problem.

Existing tabs, from Session Restore, look to be loading OK (I have browser.sessionstore.max_concurrent_tabs;0).
Tabs opened in the background (most noticeable from forum threads, like here) are opening suspended. Also notice that even keyboard shortcuts & the windows scrollbar are ineffectual. (Mousewheel movements work, as do the browser window menu options - when using the mouse.) A page refresh is needed before it starts reacting normally.

Bug 770669 - Update from classic to bootstrapped extension doesn't update metadata, the extension is treated as a classic extension

Bug 744833 - extensions.bootstrappedAddons gets out of sync when an addon's location changes

Why you should make your next add-on restartless

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Re: Suspend Background Tabs conflict with Tab Stats

Postby therube » Sat Jul 14, 2012 5:37 pm

Removed Tab Stats.
Issue persists.

Have to Disable SBT at this point.
(At which point all start working normally again.)

And drag Tab Stats back in, & still OK.

Enable SBT, & problems immediately apparent.
Disable yet again, & normalcy returns.

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