Adblocker portable embed

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Adblocker portable embed

Postby Stoppered » Tue Jul 31, 2012 4:40 pm

Hello all, I wonder if it is possible or if there is already something here, searched but found nothing.
Had only the script to add a page to block certain elements?

For I have a site, and use an iframe from another site and it contains some images and css divs

And I wonder if there is anything that I put on my site

For Example:
Would like to add on my site below
Code: Select all
<script src="adblockplus.js"></script>

And somewhere on my site, somewhere in the script I declare what I want example.

Code: Select all[src=""][id="floatAdsLayer2"][src="../images/close.png"][href=""]

does anyone know if this is even possible or if there is already something can send me links? thank you
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