Add-Art is updated - works with ABP to replace ads with art

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Add-Art is updated - works with ABP to replace ads with art

Postby stevelambert » Sun Jan 11, 2015 8:02 pm

After a few years of dormancy, Add-Art is back. Add-Art replaces ads with art images.

If you used Add-Art years ago, here's what's different:

1. You can choose between sources of art from The Brooklyn Museum, Eyebeam, Kadist Foundation, NASA, and Rhizome. (We're working on getting more)
2. You can make your own art and subscribe to shows created by users via a WordPress RSS feed (the functionality is there and we'll be posting instructions soon)
3. A new settings interface


We're excited. It's far from perfect, but it works again and we hope to add more features and get it on Chrome and Safari.

If you're able to help, the code is on github:

and we've got some issues we're hoping to defeat:

Two big ones are working on getting the addon working with the Mozilla Addons SDK and to catch more script based ads. We're all volunteers with more passion than expertise, so words of wisdom are appreciated.


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