adblock plus detected by radioloyalty

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adblock plus detected by radioloyalty

Postby notsure » Sun Apr 30, 2017 6:30 pm

hi :)

before i begin... i'd like to be able to supply a report, so that you can get more information ...but i am not sure if that is possible, in opera, or how to do that if it is if there is any way, can you please tell me how, and i will do that for you?

and in the mean time...

i use a program called radioloyalty, through a website called fusioncash ...radioloyalty shows a pop-up every 30 minutes, and you enter the code and earn a small amount of money -

every so often, radioloyalty figures out that i am using ad blocker (which i have to, bc their ads overheat my computer!), and ~your STELLAR experts make filters for me - thank you so much!~'s happened again - but usually i use firefox, and know how to file a report ...i just started using opera (because i kept experiencing "plugin container" [flash?] errors in firefox ...***i wish you all could help me with that***, and i could go back to firefox!),

and radioloyalty is showing me a message on a side panel - where normally, a pull down menu of "stations" displays, and periodically refreshes, switching between top and bottom of the page - saying something like that "requests to the server have been blocked ...please disable extensions and refresh the page"...

i am using opera 36, with windows vista - and, have the following filters which your great experts made for me:






(maybe if i'm able to provide a report, can you also let me know if i NO LONGER need any of the above filters? i want to try to keep the list from getting bogged down...)

(***EDIT: ...adding one more filter - do i still need this one? @@|||***)

if you need me to file a report, please guide me how i can do so, and i'll get that info for you right away...

(also - should i make a "feature request," separately for this? if so, please let me know -

i don't know if it's possible either for opera/chrome, but could you please make adblock plus for opera/chrome more customizable, like firefox -

in firefox i love that i can instantly "disable everywhere," "disable on this page only," and "disable on this site only,"

and that the filter lists are super customizable, like i can edit, cut, copy, paste, and delete individual, and even multiple strings, as well as move them up or down - that really helps me organize the list... adblock plus is SO AWESOME with all its features!!! :))

okay, thanks so much for your help - today, and always! :)
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Re: adblock plus detected by radioloyalty

Postby mapx » Fri May 05, 2017 9:52 pm

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