adblock for Sony Xperia L1

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adblock for Sony Xperia L1

Postby jaxonjones » Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:22 am

I have a new Sony Xperia L1 and want an adblocker for it. Preferably not to download from googleplay. Thanks
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Re: adblock for Sony Xperia L1

Postby jeysen » Wed May 09, 2018 10:07 pm

To install the ad blocker, simply go to your favorite search engine with your web browser from your Sony Xperia L1. Once there, you can type 'advertising blocker for smartphone', you will have access to a selection of applications and download links. You will then need to download an 'apk' file, corresponding to the desired application.
you must to read carefully the elements on each of the download pages. The previous step allows you to install the 'apk' files from your Sony Xperia L1. Just go to the folder where the file was downloaded and follow the instructions.
Once the steps have been validated, you will normally have blocked and removed advertisements on your Sony Xperia L1.
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Re: adblock for Sony Xperia L1

Postby madrigal » Thu Jun 07, 2018 11:13 am

My constant full screen adverts only show up since Sony updated my phone to Android Nougat - before, it was a comparably minor nuisance in the notifications only.
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