Massive Data use of Adblock plus - explanation??

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Massive Data use of Adblock plus - explanation??

Postby Guillaume1 » Thu Feb 18, 2021 9:27 am


I've got two Android devices; both with German data plans.
One is on BASE (5GB high speed data)
the other is on O2 (.75GB high speed data).

Both used to have Adblock Plus installed, then...
...on the first device I received a warning that 90% of my monthly data volume had been used, when I was sure that I could only have used less than 3GB.

The list showing data use displayed, at the very top, "Adblock Plus 2.7GB". - I uninstalled Adblock Plus.omegle xender
A few months later the second device gave the same 90% warning, when I only had received a large number of text messages (mostly for two factor verification) and updated a few apps; here a closer look showed "Adblock Plus 640MB". - Again I uninstalled Adblock Plus.

Can anyone explain this nasty behaviour to me, and is there anything I can do to avoid a repetition? I'd REALLY like to reinstall the app.
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Re: Massive Data use of Adblock plus - explanation??

Postby greiner » Fri Feb 19, 2021 9:39 pm

Which version of Adblock Plus are you using and which filter lists do you have installed?

Because Adblock Plus downloads each installed filter list on a regular basis, in order to make sure its rules are kept updated. and the more filter lists you have installed, the more Adblock Plus has to download. The number of filter lists also has an impact on how much memory it uses.

Therefore it's generally a good idea to keep the number of installed filter lists at a minimum. That includes the languages that you can select in the Adblock Plus settings because each of those corresponds to a filter list.
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