[BUG REPORT] Dropbox, GDrive and ad-blocking not working

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[BUG REPORT] Dropbox, GDrive and ad-blocking not working

Postby goliath969 » Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:26 pm


I am using unrooted HTC One X with CID H3G__001 and Android 4.0.4 stock Three-UK ROM and have experienced some issues that render the app completely dysfunctional. :( I have experienced the following issues with both the Fanboy list and the Bulgarian+Easy List.
- For starters if the filtering is on Dropbox mobile cannot upload files, more precisely it uploads and then at 99% it stalls and starts again over and over again(been at it for quite some time). Google Drive cannot even start uploading, it just gives an error. If I then stop the filtering(by the in-app botton, not by killing the app) everything is fine again.
- Also in several apps the ads are not blocked and I don't just mean some ads, I mean there is no change. I tried clearing the cache and app data of the apps in question, but the ads are still there.
- Another issue is that generally the speed of WiFi networks is significantly reduced overall. I imagined there is going to be some trade-off, but Chrome for Android and YouTube almost cannot load at all. Downloading files(tried it with a small one 956 KB) through Chrome is impossible and times out. Also simple file sharing is completely out of the question since the connection times out too. I have tried on two WiFi networks - at home and at University, both perform amazing if the ad filtering is off.

I hate to be the messenger of bad news, since I enjoy Ad-Block for Chrome on Windows for years now and works every time, but unless something is done this app is just unusable.
I hope I have provided enough info, so that you guys can work your magic and fix it. I guess if it's impacting the overall performance it should be one major bug instead of 3 small ones, but I couldn't be sure...

Thank you in advance! :)
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