Seems to not work on Galaxy S...

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Seems to not work on Galaxy S...

Postby makepa » Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:11 pm

First of all. Thanks for very good app. Its working perfectly on my Nexus 7 tablet with 4.2 OS.

But I seem to have problems with 2 year old Samsung Galaxy S i.e. I9000 with 2.3.3 firmware and not rooted one (at least not yet). So the OS should be latest provided by Samsung for this spesific equipment. Installation went OK and it seems that I have configured the proxy also correctly from Wi-Fi -settings -> Advanced settings -menu. But just got alert from AdblockPlus that no traffic is going through it - which is evident when no adds has been removed like on Nexus. Any ideas what might help. There was also Advanced settings -menu on AdblockPlus where there was possibility to make proxy settings. Why is this and what there should be - same configs as on Wi-Fi or ? There is also user and password fields...
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