[FRQ] Adding other filter subscriptions

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[FRQ] Adding other filter subscriptions

Postby F4LL0U7 » Thu Dec 20, 2012 3:58 pm

Thanks for putting out an Android app! I really appreciate the effort! I'm a die hard ABP user for Chrome on the desktop, so I was psyched to see ABP for Android.

I think it's great that the app provides a few sample lists to subscribe to. But it would be even better if it allowed users to enter URLs for their own preferred lists. Personally, I alternate between "EasyPrivacy+EasyList" and "Fanboy's Ultimate List". The standard EasyList and Fanboy's list are available in ABP for Android, but they don't block everything I need blocked.

It seems like the simplest way to implement adding different subscriptions would be as follows:

When the user is prompted to select a subscription, have an option at the bottom of the list that says "Add a different subscription" (just like in the Chrome extension).
The user would then be prompted to enter a URL into a text field. Obviously we wouldn't expect users to manually type in their URL, but they could easily copy their list URL of choice ahead of time, and then paste it into that field.

Another nice option to have would be to subscribe to more than one filter.
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Re: Adding other filter subscriptions

Postby Andrey Novikov » Fri Dec 21, 2012 12:25 pm

Complex configuration is planned for a future. Ideally it will have all the same features as an extension have, but it not for a plan for nearest future.
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