Having trouble on nexus

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Having trouble on nexus

Postby Bettercallsaul » Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:20 am

Hi I'm new to adblock because I never really had much trouble with ads before now.

I installed the program on one of my nexus 7s and it works perfectly no problems at all.

However I installed it on my second nexus and the ads are getting through, the exact same ads that are being blocked on the other nexus.

I did both setups exactly the same and the notification from adblock says "ads are blocked on WiFi connection".

But the ads still pop up, I've double checked all the settings, localhost, 2020... I've uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times and it still isn't blocking the ads

I'm certain I don't have malware or adware because my avast scan that I ran 30 minutes ago said I'm fine. Also the ads aren't on every website it's one in particular. I've read a few other posts on the forum here but none helped and it's a really strange situation. Any help is appreciated thanks in advance have a good day.
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