ABP Blocking Amazon App Store in Kindle Fire HD

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ABP Blocking Amazon App Store in Kindle Fire HD

Postby MikeWB » Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:08 am

Why does ABP block Amazon App Store in Kindle Fire HD? My ma was over and I installed ADP on her kindle because she has a metered connection at her house. The app was easy to install and didn't need me to manually configure the proxy like on my andriod tablet and worked great with silk, but with it enabled I couldn't access the amazon app store or cloud. This makes it completely useless for my mothers use I need something to set and forget. I had to disable it. I am surprised that amazon allows an app that blocks access to their app store to be downloaded from their app store? If they figure this out they will probably ban it like Google did from Google Play store.
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