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no longer working

Postby kjw » Thu Oct 08, 2015 5:13 am

I have Adblocker Plus version 1.3 on my Nexus 5, which is running android 5.1.1. I have my proxy set to localhost, port 2020. Adblocker worked for a while but for the last 5 days my notification tells me it is allowing ads on Wifi. My home network has not changed though I have gone to places with free Wifi. In the past, Adblocker always started working shortly after I returned home. I've tried switching WiFi off then back on and completely shutting down the phone. It still isn't working. Please help!

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Re: no longer working

Postby Anon1 » Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:42 am

Do yourself a favor. Root your device (you won't lose anything) and download AdAway (it's free but requires root). It's not available on the Google App store but search for it on the web. I just did this today and am blown away. This app uses a host list and has completely wiped out ads on all apps I have tried so far. It doesn't even show a box where there ads should be. They are just gone. Banner ads, full page ads, video ads, gone. Even better, it doesn't use a proxy so games I couldn't use with APB (even when turned off) work fine.

I tired ABP and it was a mess. It blocked ads in one app only and wouldn't let me play one of my games, even when I turned it off. Then I would get random notification that it wasn't blocking ads on Wi-FI and a date of somewhere in 2017. No idea what that means.

I usually don't buy apps and although this AdAway is free, I am going to donate something. It was just getting ridiculous with every app I used constantly throwing full page ads or worse full page video ads every time you did something.

The advertisers are crying that people are blocking ads and that they made a mistake making them so obnoxious. They are only saying that because people are using ad blockers on the web but they sure aren't doing a thing to tone down ads on Android apps. They are getting worse and worse,
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