Multiple issues with Adblock Plus/Android

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Multiple issues with Adblock Plus/Android

Postby markTwain » Sun Oct 18, 2015 6:23 pm

Listen, guys, I have been trying to get answers.
I just read Mr Palant's post about closing bug reports, which cannot be found by a simple search - for some unknown reason.
I looked yesterday.

I wrote to Info@ six days ago and did not get a response.
I read about a similar issue (or two) Friday and it was suggested that the person file a bug report.
Since there isn't a place - other than here, I would appreciate if you would address the multiple issues.
It is obvious that I am not alone, and it is also obvious that NO answers are forthcoming, because there is virtually no known information on how to resolve these issues

I spent over an hour collecting as thorough information as I could and composing a letter that should preempt your need for additional information from me. Here is everything (more or less) than needs your attention.

Nexus 7 (2013)
Lollipop 5.1.1
ADP: 1.3 /Easy List on download. Updated 10/17/15
Chrome 46.0.2490.76
FireFox: 41.0.2
Gmail: 5.6.103338659
OverDrive: v3.4.0
YouTube:10.37.58 ("An error occurred, retry")

Wikipedia - "this webpage is not available" (OverDrive error) and more..
Wikipedia is not accessible via Chrome or Firefox, but I can open it on occasion during a spontaneous online search.
ADP: : Trying to report bug through app using Firefox: Adblock Plus Server not found through app

The references are current - when I say today or last night, today is 10/17. Now it is the 18th.

On September 14, I spilled water on my tablet and was able to dry it out and fully restore its functions over a couple of days.
Since restoring my tablet to factory default though, I haven't been able to access my Google accounts and YouTube.
At first, all of my Google accounts, YouTube, Chrome, and Gmail were buggy. Since then, I reinstalled or reENABLED
Chrome and Gmail. I can access Chrome (it opens), but all of the app issues apply to both browsers. Gmail is finally restored to where I can now open it, but I sent to myself two e-mails (a different account) and never got them. (I forgot to check my outbox, because it doesn't really matter in the scheme of things.

I use the tablet for reading 96% of the time, so I don’t always know I have an issue.

I use OverDrive for Android™ Version 3.4, which connects to Wikipedia or the dictionary when you press on a name or word. I kept getting an error every time I tried to connect to Wikipedia. Because I have been listening to audiobooks for the past three weeks, you cannot directly connect to Wikipedia. I then downloaded the Wiki app but was never able to open it. I can't open Wikipedia through browsers or OverDrive. “This webpage is not available,” or NET connect error above. I uninstalled the app, so it's no longer an app problem. I think it's an ADP problem, but you can let me know.

I get different errors: NET: ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED message. In other instances, “This webpage is not available.”
With the system apps, Google accounts and, I get either I “cannot connect to the google server.”
or webpage is not available.

A week ago, I found one (1) only answer: ... tion-ser...

Ignoring most of the instructions, I went straight to my wifi settings.
I reset Manual to None.
I immediately was able to access YouTube.

I forgot to try anything else, because I had sent this letter and hoped you were working on it.
ADP has not officially addressed this issue yet.

PS. I wrote about multiple proxies. I got a response (no, can't use), but since then the result is that I have Orbot running on the ADP proxy (localhost & port 202). Most of the time "ABP is blocking ads." When I get the message that it's NOT blocking ads, I guess I am reading books. If I want to watch a YouTube video (which I can't access anyway), I would have to disable ADP and for a site like FREE PROJECT TV, I wouldn't go near it without ADP. I was looking for an alternative way to use both, so if you have suggestions other than the No, you can't use multiples OR try the ADP browser, I welcome them.

Thank you.
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