does adblock plus reboot cpu after install

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does adblock plus reboot cpu after install

Postby idiotSavy » Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:41 am

The subject could be the title of a sequel book from Philip K Dick "Do Android's Dream of Electric Sheep" (Blade Runner) but sadly no, I have to use Internet Explorer to operate work software that uses Silverlight, they made me do it.

Anyway, I have just installed Adblock Plus on Internet Explorer 11 on a Win 7 pro OS and I have installed this add on many times on other browsers and computers, Mac included but I have not seen an installation ask to reboot the computer after it installed, I allowed it, reluctantly but now I fear that I may have installed something heinous and so dark I will never see the internet again, which is actually something I would very much look forward to because navigating today is so hazardous an IT Professional with a background in IT of no less that 10 years is required at your side. I'm not an IT consultant but I know computers, from the front end, that's why I pay someone to provide a security software, but it takes 7 days of research to find out which one.

However, is the installation genuine? I was directed to the add on page from the Internet Settings in Windows 7, initially the "Add" button was blocked, so I went to the address under the AdBlock Plus logo, and already I had noticed peculiarities like the AdBlock Plus logo would normally be a hyperlink, this one wasn't I put this down to Microsoft being what they are and moved on, the address that was blocked on the Add button was different from the address for the publisher.

I'm composing this question on another computer because I'm terrified if i open Internet Destroyer I will have invited someone to ask me for 20k just for the privilege of using my 8 year old noisey and idiosyncratic computer that has a current retail value of $5.

I apologise if this question has been raised, asked and answered, I did search it but couldn't see it.

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Postby lewisje » Mon Dec 04, 2017 6:40 pm

If any IE components are running during the installation of ABP, it will ask to reboot your computer; also, is it possible to use SeaMonkey or Pale Moon instead? Both of them still run plugins, including Silverlight, and both of them can work with older versions of ABP and uBlock Origin (for Pale Moon, consider the ABP forks known as Adblock Latitude and ABPrime). I hope it's not so bad that your job also uses VBScript or something else that really does only work in IE.
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