Is there a way to block the ad block blockers?

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Is there a way to block the ad block blockers?

Postby EzekielJordan » Thu Feb 20, 2020 11:48 am

Some pages bring up an intrusive overlay that doesn't let you read the content without allowing ads and you can't make it disappear.

In most of these cases I use Control + Shift + C to make elements disappear and that's it, but other times the overlay messes up the page and you can't scroll at all once it comes up, even if you delete it. The page just gets stuck in place and you can't fully read it.

Is there a way to make these ad block blockers disappear?usps trackingshowbox[/url]speed test
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Re: Is there a way to block the ad block blockers?

Postby sbell » Thu Feb 20, 2020 8:00 pm


Thanks for reaching out to us! We are aware that more sites are requiring our users to turn off their ad blockers. It is legally within their right to request this, but we do not think it is a best practice for promoting a fully sustainable web. Not to worry we are investigating ways to legally combat this to better serve our users. Make your voice heard as well, contact the sites and make them aware of how intrusive this is. Can you also let us know which sites you are encountering this with?

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