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Re: Adblock, and others like it will ruin the internet for all.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 26, 2014 7:33 pm
If you don't like adblockers, get another job, stop whining about it!!

Re: Adblock, and others like it will ruin the internet for all.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2015 6:15 am
by Webmasters, Advertisers and Sociopaths in Gov and others like them will ruin the internet for all.
@ shaniquah booyah
There was a time when there was no Advertising on the internet, all content was free to view, Webmasters,publishers and advertisers had no problems about that. And the governments and do gooders got involved paying idiots with brains of ducks to police content, ruin and control what the people can and cannot see and the internet became a quarter of what it actually was and is supposed to be. sociopaths and Assholes censoring and shutting down websites with no more than some delusional belief that they know better ruin and control and destroy the internet whenever they like.
Today its even worse and Advertising is out of control. Yet when the PEOPLE have said enough is enough and decide to fight back blocking Advertising the webmasters publishers and advertiser start to cry about it and blame everyone else for their bad practices. FINALLY internet users have found ways to unblock blocked content, un-censor censored content and block intrusive infestations of advertising bringing some normality back to the internet and these sociopath webmasters, publishers and advertisers do NOT like it because the easy money is starting to dry up. That is a good thing for me for you for the internet and future generations who use it. Thanks to the PEOPLE the internet will BELONG to the PEOPLE and NOT the Sociopaths who ruin it.

Re: Adblock, and others like it will ruin the internet for all.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 2:26 pm
by Chana-Rochel
It's the type of ads that I find disturbing and thus try to block. I don't want to see ads with sexual innuendo - including undressed women, or women standing backwards and taking off their underwear, and men coming onto women or other men. No, I don't have children; I simply want to avoid desensitizing myself to anything-goes ads on the web.

Nor do I want ads that continually pop up - such as for a dress that I had no interest in, but that followed me for months, appearing on just about every site I had an interest in. And the ads on YouTube that prevent the viewer from seeing part of the screen are really annoying.

All these types of ads are invasive, intrusive and often offensive.

If the web people that make money through advertising and selling would use some sense and not shove products down our throats or produce ads that the more conservatively minded would object to, or that follow us wherever we go, they would be more successful, encountering less resistance. In that case, I, for one, would not mind the ads. I'm convinced if your advertising were appropriate, less invasive, and less creepy, you'd do a lot better. You never saw Barney or Sponge Bob interrupted by Budweiser ads - and they did pretty well.

I believe you have created the problem and it's up to you to resolve it. Use some sense, for heaven's sake.

Re: Adblock, and others like it will ruin the internet for all.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:43 pm
by guest
The new heading should be "advertising will ruin the internet for all". I wonder if that so called web developer likes being bombarded by ads and popups when he's looking at some web site trying to decide what to buy. I remember the days of browsing the web back in the windows95 days. Some of these sites today are just way to aggressive anymore, so i just stay away from them, equals no sales made there. I'm not wealthy by any means so i will not upgrade my internet service bandwidth so i can load a bunch of ads. so if that stores web site loads to slow because it has to load a bunch of stuff i don't care about, then i just go somewhere else. So if i open up a new business get a storefront, have web designer whip up a web page for me, host it somewhere. I just assume that some of my proceeds would pay for all of my overhead (rent,lighting,heat, you know the usual stuff. oh and the web developer and the site that would host my web page.(without shoving ads down your throats ))
Wait a minuet, I want more profit, so I'll force you to look at some stuff you don't care about. Well anyway now that i vented on the subject... I really should donate to this guy for making such a great plugin, and even allowing me to post without having to register, that's awesome.

Re: Adblock, and others like it will ruin the internet for all.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 06, 2015 12:23 am
by packnrat
the problem is not the side bar ads built on a web site.

it is the third party shit that interferes with us just trying to even view a site.

full page noisy shit trying to sell you shit you do not need, want, or have a interest in.
a video ad taking up a third of the screen sure just in a corner but unwanted.
pop ups that keep you from even reading, scrolling ,etc the text, content on the web sites.
the crap that remains on your screen, even after closing your browser.

this is what should be a crime with prison time, for the makers, providers, and hosters of this shit.

Re: Adblock, and others like it will ruin the internet for all.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:13 pm
by ICTman1076
I actually agree with everyone. Let me explain why:

Firstly, I think AdBlockers will NOT ruin the internet, but maybe instead reduce the amount of resources on the net. AdBlockers could be nicknamed "Revenue Blockers" as some sites are only sites, and have no offline money-making business attached.
Also charities need ads to help cover their hosting costs AND to do fundraising. For charities the loss of adverts is like you losing $20 a month(Reply to this if you need an explanation of this similie). Painful, isn't it?

However I DO understand those who have AdBlock, as some advertisers are what you could call illegitimate because of their advertisements, and you also get the annoying (and occasionally also illegitimate) popups.

I invite you to reply if you wish and also to make your mind up using this evidence.

Best Wishes,

ICTman1076 :)

Re: Adblock, and others like it will ruin the internet for all.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:30 am
by Oldone3pp
Sorry for bumping an old topic

Having adblock to me is like having a "no junk mail" sign on the mailbox...simple as that

Myself & a lot of others are sick to death of being bombarded day in day out with adverts/popups etc etc whether their good bad or indifferent
not to mention those unscrupulous sites that have third party adverts which many contain malware/adware that you don't even have to click on to be infected.
Also a number filehosting sites that harbour illegal copyright material will block people using adblock because of greed & the money they receive thru advertising of which they reward those that upload to them.

I suppose in the end what I'm trying to say is Thank goodness for the adblocker may it live a long a life.

P.S. now all we need is something to block all those emails advertisements

Re: Adblock, and others like it will ruin the internet for all.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 10:55 am
by vanguard
I'm not a webmaster and I don't make money from ads.

I am a daily reader of the Guardian, Quartz, Wired, and a number of other websites, who have asked me politely to add them to the whitelist. And I have.

The quality of content on these sites are excellent and they are providing so much content for free.

Its delusional to think that you can get great content for free, with no ads and no payments. There are real people creating content, managing the websites, designing, and all these people, like you and me, need to be paid.

P.S. I donated to Wikipedia in the past. But then I compared Google's revenue; and 0.0001% of that would more than cover Wikipedia's annual needs. Almost every single first result from Google is Wikipedia. I use Wikipedia almost every time I open my phone or browser. Google should just make an anonymous donation every year to Wikipedia and cover their needs.

Edit 1: Some suggested subscription options. I don't have any frequented websites where the ads are so bad that I would resort to paying an annual fee to not see ads. The ones where the ads are really bad, I just don't visit.

Re: Adblock, and others like it will ruin the internet for all.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 5:58 am
by Oldone3pp
vanguard wrote: The ones where the ads are really bad, I just don't visit.

And how do you determine which sites with ads are the bad ones?

Bottom line is that we the potential customers should have the choice to see the ads or not. Just the same as we do with pamphlets that are stuffed in our letterboxes, we can choose to have them delivered or not by having or not having a "no junk" sign on the letterbox. We are the end users on the net if we want to buy something or are interested in something we can look it up using google or whatever, we should not be lumbered with truckloads of crap (ads, popups, redirects & possible adware/malware etc) that we are not interested in forced upon us. Sites with ads whether their good, bad or indifferent if they block me for using adblock then I'll never go to those sites again. In the end those that force ads onto us will be their own worse enemy and will ruin the internet for all.........Not adblock.

Re: Adblock, and others like it will ruin the internet for all.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 04, 2015 8:24 am
by fanrang
adblock : not at all on youtube!

Re: Adblock, and others like it will ruin the internet for all.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:09 am
by nick21rejoice
There are new "Stream" buttons in some of the major torrent sites that allow users to stream torrents directly from the browser without leaving the site.
Although those buttons are not ads, but an open source project called "Torrents Time", Adblock Plus, from some reason, is blocking them. :roll:

Re: Adblock, and others like it will ruin the internet for all.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:53 pm
by freidadye
The mean way is to do those same checks and then make the site break in some way that is difficult to work around if the checks point to content-blocking; if your site is popular enough among ABP users.

Re: Adblock, and others like it will ruin the internet for all.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 5:21 am
by cathpeti51
Jax2 wrote:Ahh yes, I forgot to address the first topic you mentions -- Blocking adblock users - I have found a few websites now that do offer a javascript to stop people from viewing your site if they have adblock or other ad blocking software installed.

There are two ways it works: 1) You simply, as you said, ask them to disable their blocker. Or, 2) You completely prevent them from interacting with your site, or even seeing the content.

This is a definite workaround, but it will not solve the problem. You can ask people as politely as you would like, please turn off your ad blocking software assurance obsèques. They will read that and see the OK button underneath it and click it. They are not going to bother taking the extra steps to disable it. In chrome, you have to go into your settings to get this done. At least in firefox, it's nicely put in the tools menu.

On the other hand, if you completely block them from seeing your site while it's active, chances are, they won't bother turning it off to see your content. They will simply go on their merry way. Hmm, he is blocking me from his site? Ok, I don't want to be here.

That is a very rude way to treat potential guests, is it not?

Either way, it's a lose/lose situation.

You'd be surprised how fast adblock and others are growing. People do not realize there could be consequences later down the line.

When you want to display a page that is blocked, it's normal to unlock it, otherwise you will not get anything.

Re: Adblock, and others like it will ruin the internet for all.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 4:55 pm
by DarkRaven
I actually use nano adblocker, I love the open logger on it, but I rarely use it for blanket blocking.
Being a Linux user I don't have to worry about bad websites, I often come across websites that bring up the message that my computer is locked down or that I have a virus, but I then go into the logger and simply find the culprit and do a mass block on all related links to it.

Now a windows user doesn't have that luxury, once attacked, more often than not it is a reformat with a fresh install.

My problem is, everyone I know and deal with all use windows, so If I want to share a good site with them, I have to think is this site safe for them to access?

Whereas they can say to me, don't go to that site it's bad, and I can click on it with virtually no problems.

So until there is some kind of way to guarantee that a windows user can go on a website and never get adware, malware, trojans, viruses, rootkits installed through any kinda ways, no way I can trust any kinda ads on any sites, even on the so-called legit sites like youtube and others, as it only takes 1 mistake on their part to let bad code inject itself through vulnerabilities and its a nightmare waiting to happen.

About 12 months ago, I was on a sports website, it didn't have many ads, and the ones it had were out the way so I didn't block them, one day I log on to my account, your computer is now locked down, phone this number to unlock.
So I bypassed it, found the link to the ad and what it redirected to, screenshotted it, sent copy to the site webmaster.
They basically called me a liar, said I was scaremongering, and not long after my account suddenly started to get a million and 1 issues till I couldn't access it any more.

Took them over 6+ months to actually remove the ad that had been hijacked, I wonder how many people got hurt by them in that time?
So I feel a lot of users so scared now of being infected from websites, thats one of the main reasons they want to block everything.

That's my two penneth worth on the subject anyway.

Blessed Be all

Re: Adblock, and others like it will ruin the internet for all.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, 2020 12:43 pm
by arbis
I was discussing this with another ancient Internet user the other day, who also feels the same way. We both found it ironic that the more the web "develops", the less and less of it we wish to use. We recall a time where Javascript, Java, Flash, and popup windows were used primarily to enhance the user's experience. Popups were abused, so they were blocked. Next was Java. Flash became a major nuisance vector, with advertising, unnecessary menus/fluff, and screaming loud autoplayers making a nightmare of tabbed browsing. Now Javascript is in that gray zone of being a questionable benefit.