Is there a way to use Adblock Plus's acceptable ad whitelist

This is the place to discuss issues with the acceptable ads list like a website no longer complying with the criteria.

Is there a way to use Adblock Plus's acceptable ad whitelist

Postby JosephTaylor » Mon Nov 25, 2019 3:34 pm

As the title says, I want to use ABP's whitelist in uBlock Origin. I tried simply adding the filter list (as was suggested in another thread here I found) but it's still blocking ads on Reddit, and it will probably block other ads that I don't want to block too.

Looking at the log, it seems that the whitelist is at least trying to work, but it seems that it isn't being given priority and the ads are being blocked anyways[url=][/url] FetLife vshare
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Re: Is there a way to use Adblock Plus's acceptable ad whitelist

Postby greiner » Mon Nov 25, 2019 4:16 pm

Unfortunately, uBlock Origin doesn't want to be compatible with the Acceptable Ads list. In this file they claim that not allowing users to enable Acceptable Ads is somehow better for users.

For example, uBlock Origin refuses to support the $document filter option which is crucial for ad frames to get unblocked. It also lacks support for the $sitekey filter option which allows unblocking of ads across large amounts of domains.

Furthermore, it supports the $important filter option which allows blocking filters to overrule any unblocking filters.

To be fair, unblocking ads is more difficult than blocking ads, so there may be further incompatibilities or other technical reasons why uBlock Origin doesn't support Acceptable Ads. But as I mentioned in the beginning, their personal opinion about Acceptable Ads seems to be the main reason why it doesn't support that list. Therefore there's not much I can help you with to get it working properly there, I'm afraid.
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