Where is the Block Element menu and Option Menu?

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Re: Where is the Block Element menu and Option Menu?

Postby David James505 » Sat Oct 10, 2020 11:14 am

I'm experiencing similar difficulty as others! I was running AdBlockPlus with zero issues until I moved up to Safari v.12. At that point it made AdBlockPlus (and another adblocker (Ghostery) vanish/quit working. Bring in to Apple Support was pretty useless.... I figured out how to MAYBE get it reinstalled. Be that as it may, can't tell if it's really working at this point.

At the point when I click on the Icon it says the application is empowered. However, I'm not seeing the little quantities of the number of promotions were being obstructed, which used to be consoling, I can let you know, since spam advertisements regularly solidified up the screen on a web gathering I'm regularly on - also the number of the promotions were insignificant, annoying, and in any event one occurrence ILLEGAL (I stopped for a moment to talk with the discussion's administrator fellow, who was not seeing similar advertisements in the Netherlands as I was in the US, over that one, and he just moaned and said "shouldn't be running advertisements like that...").

Be that as it may, presently? I can't tell if the application is running or not. What's more, on another site (which used to likewise have some truly terrible promotions - https://korean-drama-list.com/ and I got heaps of handwringing about how they were a little mother and pop activity getting by on advertisement income)? Advertisements are back: some "dating" [possibly utilizing the term loosely!] site (demonstrating a blonde airhead in a low profile top who had evidently had corrective medical procedure she expected to flaunt)! I've shipped off a screen shot of the promotion to the Help work area (just as to the site where I saw the advertisement, with the title in the last case saying "THEY'RE BAAAACK!") obviously it's the end of the week and I don't have the foggiest idea how soon I'll hear back from ABP uphold. So I tapped on "help" in the settings at that point discovered my approach to here in the wake of perusing that I should have an Option Menu.... In any case, WHERE? Do I not have ABP introduced effectively? Or then again at all so far as that is concerned? I'm not a nerd! I simply need to have an advertisement free online experience and I USED to have that with ABP. (Also, to the person in the Netherlands: No, Wim, I DON'T have any desire to whitelist the site. Since I CAN'T. https://chinesedrama.org/ Worn out on the site smashing. Burnt out on promotions for scandalous dresses from some warped shopping webpage in China, groin shots of mens clothing my better half won't accepting instantly, silicone wedding bands, BS about what a few supposed reality star said about some other purported reality star, or how to violate PA law by getting a covered convey grant online....) I've taken a gander at the page about what is viewed as a "satisfactory" advertisement - yet NOWHERE does there appear to be any thought regarding whether the CONTENT is "worthy" - just whether it blocks website pages or naturally runs Flash....

Gracious and two or three weeks prior, before doing the program overhaul (which I would not like to do before doing a back up), I was seeing popups disclosing to me that there was another refreshed adaptation of ABP for Safari - however I don't have a clue whether it was from Apple or ABP, and I don't have the foggiest idea whether it should be working with Safari v.12 - which unmistakably, what I've downloaded isn't.
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Re: Where is the Block Element menu and Option Menu?

Postby kanalo7802 » Thu Nov 19, 2020 2:05 pm

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