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Comparison Between Wipr content blocker and AdBlock for Safa

PostPosted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:45 pm
by JonahAbel
Is this a suitable subreddit for requesting a comparison between AdBlock Pro for Safari and Wipr content blocker?

I have used Wipr for a long time now. I like it, but since 2018 when the developer brought out a new macOS app, there has been one website having more than just ads blocked on it - it becomes unusable on macOS. The iOS version of Wipr does not cause the issue, and the developer suggests I whitelist the website instead of fixing that bug - I call it a bug since Wipr on iOS renders the website perfectly but Wipr on macOS renders the website unusable. It's been 2 years without a fix for this. This did not happen with legacy extension, it only started occurring on macOS app version. word counter vidMate mobdro