Taboola filters

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Taboola filters

Postby kwyjibo » Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:20 am

Taboola powers "related content" style ads you see at the bottom of articles. Some of them might be relevant, but to me - it all seems junk. They're especially bad on mobile, as they take up several screens worth of content.

I have set up my own filters on PC, but because I cannot do so on mobile, I'm asking that the Easylist guys take a look at it and see whether it's classified as ad content. ... -on-cliche Taboola ads can be blocked by blocking ... dations.js ... -released/ Tabool ads can be blocked by blocking ... dations.js

Blocking *.recommendations.js could be a possibility. Here is an example of how the ads look like on mobile -

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